The Perak Regalia

Of  the Perak regalia we read: “Tan Saban was commanded by his mistress to open negotiations with Johor, and this having been done, a prince of the royal house of that kingdom, who traced his descent from the old line of Menangkabau, sailed for Perak to assume the sovereignty.

“He brought with him the insignia of royalty, namely the royal drums (gandang nobat), the pipes (nafiri), the flutes (sarunei and bangsi), the betel-box (puan naga taru), the sword (chora mandakini), the sword (perbujang), the sceptre (kayugamit), the jewel (kamala), the surat chiri, the seal of state (chap halilintar), and the umbrella (ubar-ubar).

“All these were enclosed in a box called Baninan.”

[Source: Skeat, Walter William. MALAY MAGIC . An Introduction to The Folklore and Popular religion on The Malaysia Peninsula.]


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