DYMM Raja Perempuan Ta’ayah

DYMM Raja Perempuan Ta'ayah

DYMM Raja Perempuan Ta'ayah Raja Abdul Hamid. (Personal collection of Raja Yusuf Izzudin)

DYMM Raja Perempuan Taayah binti Raja Abdul Hamid was born in 1892. She was the eldest daughter to Raja Abdul Hamid ibni Sultan Idris I, and the sister to Raja Razman (Ku Nick). She was married to DYMM Sultan Yusuf Izzuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Jalil on 21 March 1912 in Kuala Kangsar. She was known to all as a kind person who was mesra with the rakyat.

Raja Perempuan Taayah mangkat on 18 February 1962, aged 70.

4 thoughts on “DYMM Raja Perempuan Ta’ayah

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  3. Ku, I was a young boy around the late 50s.I still remember HRH used to wait at the Clifford School.At that I did not know for whom HRH used to wait for.After that HRH will go around KK in the Rolls Royce.One day I was on the road at Jalan Idris(near the Malay College quarters) and HRH stopped the car,called me,gave me one dollar.HRH pointed to the breadman about 100 meters away and asked me to buy Coconut bread.When I returned with the bread,HRH thanked me and gave me 2 breads.I was too young to make out anything,but,of course I knew he was the RH.And I would like to add that DYMM Raja Perempuan was very beautiful.How can I forget all this.(forgive me if I did not follow protocal.I am alittle ignorant).

    • Mr Bhagwan, we are so delighted with your comments on the late Raja Perempuan Taayah (our grandpa’s sister). Thank you again for sharing your experience. One of the editor of SembangKuala, Raja Chulan Raja Ahmad Tajuddin (Raja Tak) went to Clifford School. Perhaps, you might know him too:-)

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