Ku Nick’s family

Razman's family

Ku Nick and Sharifah Hendon with their children.

Standing (left to right): Raja Harun Al Rashid (11), Raja Dato’ Seri Mansur (8), Raja Dato’ Sharifuddin* (5), Raja Zainal* (3), Raja Dato’ Amir Shah* (2), Raja Dato’ Ahmad Tajuddin* (4), Raja Dato’ Haji Shahabuddin (7), Raja Dato’ Lope Ahmad (9)

Seated (left to right): Raja Halijah* (6), Sharifah Hendon* (wife of Raja Razman), Raja Razman*, Raja Rogayah* (1), Raja Halimah (10)

1. (n) indicates the order in which Raja Razman’s issue was born
2. * – deceased

Latest photo of Raja Razman’s sons and daughter, taken on 16 May 2009:

Photo (286)

From left to right: Raja Dato' Seri Mansur, Raja Halimah, Raja Dato' Shahabuddin and Raja Harun Al Rashid.

Not present in the photo are Raja Dato’ Sharifuddin and Raja Dato’ Lope Ahmad.

6 thoughts on “Ku Nick’s family

  1. Assalamu’alaikum,
    I’m truly grateful and greatly indebted for all the help given by Engku Dato’ during my research on the Perak Nobat in 2006. What an articulate and graceful man! Jazakallah Khairan.
    Please send my salam to Engku Dato’.
    Btw, I’m cucu Raja Nonek (Raja Rabeah), daughter of Raja Kulup Muhammad.

    Raja Iskandar Raja Halid

    • Salam Engku Iskandar,

      We will be grateful if Engku could also contribute to our blog. It’s time kita “martabatkan” keluarga kita diPerak. Your Malay Nobat blog will be linked to SembangKuala, let us rapatkan pertalian keluarga kita melalui information sharing. Thank you

      Editors SembangKuala

    • Thanks Razman for the visit and your comments. we take note of that. For your info, we have already put photos and info on some of Ku Nick’s children including your dad. We are trying very best to put up everybody (latest Ayah Dam) including his childrens from other marriages. The family tree of Ku Nick is underway. Once we’ve done with all this, then we will proceed to the next level i.e. Ku Nick’s grandchildrens. In the meantime, if you don’t mind, can we have a photo of your family. Gambo ramai-ramai!

      Thanks again.

      Cousins at SembangKuala

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