Golf in Taiping

golf in taiping

A game of golf in the Taiping sun. (Source: Federated Malay States Railway Guides)

The history of golf in Taiping begins back in 1885 with the establishment of the Perak Golf Club which also the first golf club in the country. It is also the second oldest in South East Asia, after the Jakarta Golf Club. In 1890, a major crisis arose in the British social circles in Taiping. The British Resident, Frank Swettenham, decided to limit the membership of Perak Club to high-ranking army officers and miners, leaving out the planters. Unhappy, the senior members resigned and in 1892, they formed The New Club. The chief promoters of it were the late Dr. Shepherd and Messrs. Lefroy, Mais, Gray, and Aylesbury.

During the first year of its existence the club house was sold to Sultan Idris I and Tuanku had granted them a piece of land for the club building, on the condition that the name The New Club is retained. The building scheme was financed by the issue of debentures to the value of $10,000. The New Club is the only club in Malaysia affiliated to The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

Reference: Harrison CW. Federated Malay States Railway Guides (Illustrated): The Magic of Malaya. In Seventeen Short Stories.


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