Sultan Abdullah’s return from the Seychelles, 1894

In 1894, the Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II was finally allowed to return home from exile in the Seychelles. It appears that things were set in motion much earlier in 1891. At this time, the British government had been made aware of Sir Peter Benson Maxwell‘s assertion that Sultan Abdullah was wrongly charged and sentenced following the events in 1875 that we all know so well. The following is a transcription from the Hansard dated 19 February 1891:

HC Deb 19 February 1891 vol 350 cc1057-8 1057

MR. FRANCIS STEVENSON (Suffolk, Eye): I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies whether, having regard to the fact that the ex-Sultan Abdullah, of Perak, has now been exiled for more than 14 years in the Seychelles Islands, and bearing in mind the peculiar circumstances connected with his trial, the Government are prepared to re-consider the answers given on the 5th of May and 1st of August, 1890, and to consent to re-open the case; whether, if they decline to adopt that course, they are prepared to allow him 1058 either to be set at liberty, or to visit England; and whether they are aware that Sir Benson Maxwell, formerly Chief Justice of the Straits Settlements, is of opinion that the ex-Sultan is innocent of the charge which resulted in his sentence?

THE UNDER SECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE COLONIES (Baron H. de WORMS,) Liverpool, East Toxteth: Her Majesty’s Government are not prepared to re-consider the decision formerly conveyed to the hon. Member against re-opening the case of Abdullah, or allowing him to visit England; but the Secretary of State is again in communication with the Governor of the Straits Settlements as to whether any steps can be taken to ameliorate the ex-Sultan’s present position. It is known that Sir Benson Maxwell held the opinion attributed to him in the hon. Member’s question.”

It also appears that following the communication of London with the Governor of the Straits Settlements, it was likely that a decision had been made to allow Sultan Abdullah to return, following a number of Members of Parliament pleading Tuanku’s cause for repatriation with Lord Knutsford, the Secretary of State for the Colonies. The following is a letter signed by Sultan Abdullah in December 1891:

Letter from Sultan Abdullah acknowledging the fact that he is allowed to return, dated 7 December 1891. (Source: Personal collection of YM Raja Kamariah Raja Kamaralzaman, from the National Archives at Mahé, Seychelles)

The British had always referred to Sultan Abdullah as the ‘ex-Sultan’ following his exile. From the letter from Sultan Abdullah dated December 1894 just before his repatriation, Tuanku thanked Frederick Robinson, the Marquess of Ripon, for allowing the retention of the title ‘ex-Sultan’ on arrival in Singapore:

Letter from Sultan Abdullah regarding the retention of the title 'Ex-Sultan', dated 11 December 1894. Click to enlarge. (Source: Personal collection of YM Raja Kamariah Raja Kamaralzaman, from the National Archives at Mahé, Seychelles)

The following is a list containing the names of Sultan Abdullah’s family members and servants returning to Singapore on the mail steamer:

List of Sultan Abdullah's family members accompanying him on his return to Singapore. (Source: Personal collection of YM Raja Kamariah Raja Kamaralzaman, from the National Archives at Mahé, Seychelles)

From the list we can see:
1. Wan Ngah Mahtra, third wife of Almarhum Sultan Jaafar and mother of Sultan Abdullah
2. Sultan Abdullah’s wives – Che Halimah and Che Itam (fourth wife)
3. The sons of Sultan Abdullah:
a. Raja Abdul Malik
b. Raja Said Tauphy, later Raja Kechil Tengah
c. Raja Abdul Hamid
d. Raja Abdul Rahman
e. Raja Hussein
4. The daughters of Sultan Abdullah:
a. Raja Nuteh Fatimah
b. Raja Mariam Maheran, later Tengku Mahasuri of the Deli Sultanate
c. Raja Aminah
d. Raja Halijah, later Tengku Permaisuri of the Deli Sultanate
e. Raja Saleha

Interestingly, there is no record of a Che Halimah as a wife of Sultan Abdullah. His two other wives likely to have accompanied Tuanku in the Seychelles were Che Rasia and Che Wan Nursiya. It is noted that Che Rasia had passed on in the Seychelles.

Sultan Abdullah (in uniform) with members of his family after their return from exile in the Seychelles, ?c.1894. (Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

1. Reuter’s Telegrams. The Straits Times Weekly Issue. 1891 August 12.
2. Arkib Negara Malaysia
3. YM Raja Kamariah Raja Kamaralzaman’s personal archival collection
4. YM Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan

77 thoughts on “Sultan Abdullah’s return from the Seychelles, 1894

  1. this website is indeed a delightful find! i have never seen this photo before and i am glad you have taken the effort to compile this encyclopaedic collection of info regarding the Perak royal family. the reason for my interest in this photo? HRH sultan abdullah is my great-great granddad! looking forward to read more of your entries!

  2. salam,
    syukur kepada Allah kerana saya berpeluang menatap gambar sultan abdullah.saya adalah piat @ generasi ke 6 baginda.apabila saya membaca sebuah novel yg menceritakan tentang sultan abdullah yang berjuang utk agama,bangsa,dan tanah air saya rasa sangat bangga.terima kasih sembang kuala…salam…

    • Engku Taufik

      Alhamdulillah. Terharu saya membaca comment engku. Kami semua berharap paparan SembangKuala yang tak seberapa ini dapat menyemarakkan kedaulatan keluarga kita kembali. Kami dengan besar hati juga menjemput engku untuk menyumbang apa-apa yang boleh dikongsi bersama. Terimakasih


  3. Dear editors,

    Thank you very much for this picture of my great grandfather, the father of my maternal grandmother. I have never seen this before.

    I learnt from my late grandmother that his several requests to return to Kuala Kangsar were denied, and he was only given permission to enter Singapore and Teluk Anson (now Teluk Intan). Finally, during the time of his nephew, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Shah, he was not only granted permission but was also welcomed to return to Kuala Kangsar. Apparently, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar was adamant to receive him with full honour,deserving of a Malay ruler, much to the chagrin of the British power-that-be of the day.

    My cousin, YAM Raja Shahruzzaman, recently relayed the story from his late father, Almarhum Sultan Idris II, that when disembarking from the train at the Kuala Kangsar Railway Station, Almarhum Sultan Abdullah declared to his nephew, “Patek penderhaka.” To that, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar replied, “Bukan dengan patek. Dengan oghang (orang) puteh.” I learnt also from my late grandmother that Almarhum Sultan Iskandar revered and loved his uncle.

    I wish my late grandmother could see this picture and perhaps she could tell us more about it. Alas, that will remain a wish.

    Once again, thank you!

  4. Assalamualaikum sedara. Now I have found my sedara here. I am Raja Othman Raja Ngah Ali’s grand daughter. My cousin Raja Iskandar Raja Chulan keep all the details which he got from Arkib. The letters were all nicely and neatly hand written. I am glad that you share this in this website. Now I can read and understand more of the history of my great-great grandfather.

  5. Salams dear editors,

    In this picture, Almarhum Sultan Abdullah seemed to look quite fit. Perhaps this picture was not of his return to Kuala Kangsar but elsewhere in Malaya then.

    According to records, he finally returned to Kuala Kangsar in 1922 and months later, in December 1922, he died (as stated on his tomb). My grandmother was among his children who lived with him those months in Kuala Kangsar until his death. She told us that Almarhum Sultan Abdullah was of poor health already and that he had lost his sight by the time he passed on. Being the gentle one, my grandmother would be the child that her father sought and trusted to assist him during his illness. She was about 11 years or so at that time.

    And pleased to meet you here, Ku Mazyah. If you’re Sultan Abdullah’s great-great granddaughter, I suppose that would make you a niece to me.

    • Salam nde Yam

      On his return in 1894, Almarhum lived in Singapore for a while, following which he remained in Penang before finally coming home to Kuala in 1922 as you described. It was likely this photo was taken in Singapore as the description by Arkib Negara was that of his return from exile.


  6. Salam everyone. I have seen this pic before in Arkib Negara and glad to see it has been posted here for public viewing. Thanks editor. Almarhum Sultan Abdullah is my great2 grandad(father of both my maternal great-grandad and great-grand mother).Hmm..wondering if my great-grandmom was one the children here!

    • salam engku zazlan, may i know who your great grandmom was? btw, like you, almarhum was my great-great grandad too. you must be my 3rd cousin! allow me to introduce myself: raja mahariz bin raja muzaffar (trying not to sound like an arab, i will go on..) bin raja kamaralzaman bin raja mansur ibni sultan abdullah.


  7. Salam Engku Mahariz aka editor. My great grand-mom is Raja Saleha binti Sultan Abdullah (grandma’s mom) and my great-grandad is Raja Abdul Malek ibni Sultan Abdullah as I am a grandson of Raja Ahmed Hisham. It’s great to know you are my 3rd cousin and I believe you know about my late grandad!

    • Salam Engku Zazlan

      I know of him, tapi patek tak kenei personally. One of the reasons why I like SembangKuala – we get to know each other. Salam perkenalan and persaudaraan!


      PS: I’m merely one of the editors je. hehe.

    • Salam again

      Nak jawab soalan terlupa!

      It is very likely that both your great granddad, Raja Abdul Malik, and your great grandmom, Raja Saleha, are in this photo. They were born in the Seychelles and their names were in the ship’s roster.

      According to the roster she was 7, but if you follow she was 3 in 1894. Unfortunately neither the roster nor have any info on the DOB for Raja Abdul Malik. Engku have any info on this?

      We are waiting to update Tok Dollah’s SembangKuala post, following which we will publish the ship’s roster of passengers (pertaining only to Almarhum’s entourage je la). Then again, if you have been to Arkib you may have seen it?

      Watch this space!

      • Salam Editor. For your information, I don’t have much information about Raja Abdul Malek.Even my mom and aunt also had never seen him before.

        About Raja Saleha, according to my aunt who had met her long time ago, she can play piano and speak French very well!Not to forget Raja Nuteh too. She died in Medan. Editor, the DOB stated in Royalark (1891),if not mistaken, was referred to her husband.

        Anyway, I am interested and glad to know more about the ship’s roster and looking forward to see it! Thanks.

  8. Salams all,

    How lovely to hear more from other family of Sultan Abdullah II. The bits & pieces are coming together and this is indeed exciting.

    I learnt that the Abdullah children in particular & later his descendants, were/are mostly very talented, musically. This includes my late grandmother who could play the ‘gambus’ & guitar. She was also an accomplished ballroom dancer, partnering her late husband, & they had actually won a few dancing competitions in Medan & in Kuala Kangsar.

    Looking forward to the updates ….

  9. assalamualaikum to all….

    first of all my name is tengku freya azmir binti tengku zainal azmir@raja zainal azmir…(my grand father was from kelantan royalty….thats why i’m a tengku hehehe). My grandmother Raja Askiah adalah cucu kepada Sultan Abdullah…bapa nenek saya Raja Abdul Rahman adalah salah seorang anak almarhum Sultan Abdullah yg lahir di seychelles…oleh itu saya piut kepada Almarhum…

    ini bermakna kita semua bersaudara…..

    pls contact me through email bagi mengeratkan lagi siraturrahim among us cucu/cicit/piut almarhum

  10. Salam Ku Mahariz n Kuyam

    I have made an acquaintance with one Megat Ahmad Zuhilmi who happened to be Raja Aminah’s great grandson. He is in my list of friends. His family has the death cert of Raja Aminah – mangkat 1978 n dikebumikan di Taiping.

    Tengku Freya,
    Is your mom Raja Azmi or Raja Zandariah? You ada join facebook ke? Ada ramai cucu cicit Sultan Abdullah kat facebook. Orang Perak kata meredak-redak.

    some basic info:
    Raja Abdul Rahman x Hajjah Mariam (anak Cik Ngah Manah)
    1. Raja Habibah
    2. Raja Hanif
    3. Raja Batiah
    4. Raja Lope Rashid
    5. Raja Askiah
    6. Raja Mohammad


    • raja azmi n raja zandariah is my aunty, my dad punya kakak-kakak tu…my dad raja@tengku zainal org kuala kangsar panggil ku nene

  11. I heard from my Mum, Raja Toh Puan Teh Zaitun Raja Kamaralzaman – that Sultan Abdullah did marry two Dutch ladies when he was at Seychelles…My mum made a visit there in 2000 to sort out lots of our family’s stuff, it seems…

  12. Assalammualaikum to all readers of sembang Kuala,

    It is delightful when knowing my great grandfather HRH Sultan Abdullah II ibni Sultan Jaafar history. For your info, I’m one of the great grandsons of HRH Sultan Abdullah II. My late grandfather YAM Raja Ahmad Tajuddin is one of the HRH Sultan Abdullah II son (Che Ruqiya). My late father is the son of YAM Raja Ahmad Tajuddin(Che Wan Izah). We are indeed still in the male line of HRH Sultan Abdullah II.

    I would like to congratulate SembangKuala for giving such informative knowledge to all HRH Sultan Abdullah II descendants.

    • Salam Ku Mohd Iskandar Zulkarnain,

      Allow me to introduce myself or rather, my late grandmother, YAM Allahyarhamah Raja Khairul Kamariah bt Almarhum Sultan Abdullah. She and your late grandfather, YAM Raja Ahmad Tajuddin (I believe he was also known as Ku Tak) were siblings, of the same mother & father. And now, coming to me, I am your cousin. Glad to meet you & other Almarhum Sultan Abdullah’s descendants here.

  13. Salam,

    I wonder how come NOW I just realised this article on Sultan Abdullah. Can I say how touched I am to see these letters from the great Sultan himself.. and the writings.. so classic! Thanks SembangKuala for this.

    Putri Nadeeya
    6th Descendent of Sultan Abdullah

    • Nadeeya – The post was originally made up of the photo with no text. Probably the reason why many people missed it. What you see now is the updated version, thanks to the material I scanned from Wan Putih’s (Tok Putih to you, young lady hehe 😀 )archives. -M.

  14. Salam

    I just came back from Medan last night. Had an opportunity of meeting Tengku Harris Abdullah (5th descendant of Sultan Abdullah) and a few others at Istana Maimoon. Also visited the Makam DiRaja there. We discussed on the strong ties of Perak and Deli and hope to organise a ‘get together’. Tengku Harris suggested Istana Maimoon as the premise for the gathering.

  15. Salams YM editors,

    My deepest appreciation and thanks to you for the unearthing and the sharing of such priceless information. My hunger to know as much as possible about my great grandfather is much fulfilled. Nonetheless, the sense of nostalgia still lingers.

  16. Salam YM editor, I just want to add another information to your website. My great grandma Raja Nuteh bt Sultan Abdullan died in Assam Kumbang, Taiping in 1954 of old age. I can also recalled YM Raja Halijah whom we called Nyang Suri Medan and one of her daughter we call Pah Mandak. Another great grand aunty Raja Aminah who could play the piano well and her son the late Raja Adnan of Telekom.

    • Chor Wah, Mahariz here. Have you by any chance any photos of Tok Nuteh? Or Tok Minah even. I’m sure the two girls in the photo above are them. Ayah Pa boleh ajuk the way Tok Minah cakap (in her Seychelles accent of Malay) 😀 If you do have them would it be possible to share them on SembangKuala please? I can digitise them which will only take a moment, so that I can put them up for sedara-mara to see.

      • So sorry, Mahariz. All the pictures were gone or destroyed during the late flood in Malacca where my late father’s house were affected. The late nyang Nuteh were born with digital fingers and toes, thats how far I could recall.

  17. Salam chor. Laaa… I’m so sorry to hear. Ayah Pa tells me that your dad, arwah Ayah An, was the only son of Tok Saadiah, again the only(?) daughter of Nyang Nuteh – hence, it is unlikely that anyone else would have any old photos. Sayang betoi dengor, tapi it’s Allah’s will.

    About nyang Nuteh’s hands, I know about them. But she could still play the piano, according to ayah Pa. Blue Danube lagi.

    Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh mereka yang dah pergi. Al-Fatihah.


    • sy syasyarina adalah cicit kpd moyang haji ibrahim mad taha dgn hjh rahmah hj.mohama isteri ke4d,yg mana allahyarhamah nenek hjh.maimunah hj.ibrahim adalah ank bgsu dr bberape adk bradik dan moyang hj.ibrahim meninggal dunia pd thun 1926 di sg.durian dan nenek berusia 6bln.,pd masa hayat allahyarhamah kami sering brcerita mngenai salasilah keluarga..amat seronok mendengar cerita2 yg menjadi warisan bernilai kpd kami semua..tentang tok tambah, che puteh rokiah,yang mulia sultan abdullah,ngah ibrahim dan lain..moyang haji ibrahim brkahwin dgn 2org isteri,isteri pertama iaitu orang ghaib smasa di seychelles…ape yg kami paham hussein dr batak rabit bukanlah dari generasi sebenar moyang haji ibrahim..trdapat sbhagian dr salinan geran2 tanah menyatakan pd masa dahulu sbahagian dr teluk anson adalah kepunyaan moyang haji ibrahim.menjadi raja tiada bergelar adalah kerana moymang pernah merajuk dan keluar dari istana..

      • salam cik syasyarina, saya nak tumpang tnya kalo cik tahu nama-nama anak hj Ibrahim. sbb nama ni ada didalam salahsilah saya… mntak jasa baik cik..

  18. Saya bangga setelah membaca apa yang di lakukan almarhum DYMM Sultan Abdullah semasa bertahta… dengan apa yang di tunjukannya kepada orang British. Marwah dan harga diri melayu yang janga sekali2 di mainkan. Saya cicit dari DYM Raja Halijah gelar Tengku Permaisuri ibni Sultan Abdullah.

    • YM Tengku Moharsyah – Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah we have been able to ‘create’ this blog with the noble intention of discovering ‘hidden’ facts of history with regards to the reign of Habibullah Almarhum Sultan Abdullah through his descendants who came forward with pictorial evidences, letters and ‘words of mouth’. Besides reuniting long lost saudara-mara, such as YM Ku Mahariz, our editor, who only recently, through this blog, I realised is my second cousin, the inputs we gathered through Almarhum’s descendants either confirmed written history or would enable us to look at history with a different perspective. Definitely not through the eye-piece of the colonial ‘masters’. We hope and pray that we could put the record straight, if not ‘re-write’ history of the Perak Royal Household, as a whole, insyaAllah.

    • Salam – Saya juga cicit saudara dari Tengku Suri Medan Raja Halijah. Nyang Suri adalah adinda kepada Raja Nuteh, seibu. Saya hanya ingat Pah Mandak , enda Nyum, dan enda Naung isteri kpd Raja Azam bin Raja Kamaralzaman. Saya tinggal di KL, mungkin satu hari kita semua boleh berjumpa dan soreh tentang keturunan kita.

  19. Salam to all,

    I’m very pleased to see that such a great effort was made to connect all the descendants of Sultan Abdullah. You see, my mother YM Raja Yang Izaani Bt Raja Abdul Malik ibn Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah Habibullah II was the grandaughter of Sultan Abdullah, which makes me the cicit of the late Sultan. My late mother’s brother was the late Raja diHilir of Perak i.e YAM Raja Ahmed Hisham Bin Raja Abdul Malik. I hope to get to know those who knew and related to my family.

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    • Assalamualaikum – the late Che Rasia was my great gramma’s mother, ie mother to Raja Nuteh. I could vaguely recall the name of Pah Cepah, Tok Jidin, Pah Ani – all from Medan, when I visited nyang Malehan’s house in Assam Kumbang. I also met Toh Hisham who drives a sport car. I think we are from the same maternal descendant.

  21. salam..
    saya sungguh teruja membaca salasilah keturunan almarhum YM sultan abdullah.i kinda agree with raja mariam , me n my family was part of the musician gifted gift that i guest are part of our just amaze on how many family members n cousin n niece that was connected to the late YM sultan abdullah,saya adalah anak ketiga kepada raja ibrahim raja ngah mansor.saya bersyukor karna ruang blog ini byk memberi maklumat berguna untuk di jadi kan bahan rujukan,adinda kepada ayah saya raja fatimah telah meninggal dunia pada 1996,kepada sedara mara yg mengetahui salasilah sebelah bapa saya amat lah di alu alu kan, memandangkan tidak byk info yg saya dapati melalui ayahanda saya melainkan my granfather raja mansor which pass away in buterworth at that time my dad and family was stayin there..any info is much apperiace it..thanks

  22. Dear Sir – I am contributing to a encyclopedia about f.i. the Melayu kerajaan2. Do you have for me a more definite list of the rajas of Reman? Thank you. I also heard about a certain himself calling Pak Tuan from Malaysia, who has a claim as the new sultan of Pattani(?). See f.i. on the facebook of Tengku Putri Manis. I am a researcher of kerajaan2 Indonesia, but also a bit about the kerajaan2 in the countries surrounding it. Thank you.

    Salam hormat:
    DP Tick gRMK/Pusaka

    DP Tick gRMK/Pusaka

  23. Salam Mahariz,

    I’ve just returned from Batak Rabit with Chor J. While there, I had the good fortune of meeting a local by the name of Mohd Hussein b Hj Yahya whose great grandfather was a staunch aide of Almarhum Sultan Abdullah (quote: “damping dengan Serotan Abdullah”). He said that his great grandfather, Ibrahim bin Taha, fought together with Almarhum against the British/Birch and was exiled together with him to Seychelles. And he also returned to Malaya together with Almarhum.

    That list of passengers above, is that a complete one? I can’t see the name of Ibrahim Taha in there. Perchance there’s another list?


    Ende Yam

      • Note: some of Almarhum’s loyal aides ‘berkampung di Singapore, they got married there and opened up now extinct kampongs there. Many too became ‘Johoreans’ by marrying the locals in Batu Pahat and Muar.Some were buried at the Tanah Perkuburan Bakri in Muar.(The possibility of some names being left out from the list is very possible).

    • I just noticed Ibrahim Taha’s name in Seychelles birth record where he had issued one son. Maybe he’s the one.

    • Assalamualaikum Ende Yam. Kita juga nak tahu perihal Ibrahim Taha, yang merupakan ayah kepada nenda kita Almarhumah Mardhiah Haji Ibrahim Bin Taha yang bernikah dengan Almarhum Mohd Hamidi Bin Ahmad Nasib bin Haji Mohd Yasin. Sudilah kiranya ende menghubungi kita di emel

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  25. Setelah membaca articel ini, selepas mempelajari ” Ilmu Tawarikh” dari sekolah rendah yang ketika itu banyak pekara yang tidak dinyatakan dengan jelas atas banyak faktor. Saya orang kebanyakan bukan dari kalangan istana Perak tetapi meminati sejarah negara khususnya negeri Perak. Kini jelas pada saya pekara sebenar dan secara peribadi saya berpendapat kalau pun benar ( tidak benar) Almarhom Sultan Abdullah terlibat secara tidak langsung ataupun secara langsung ( tidak benar) melalui penyelidikan didapati JWW Birch telah melakukan pekara yang dilarang dalam Islam dan adat orang Melayu ketika itu. Ini menyentuh perasaan rakyat maupun pembesar negeri. Dalam cakap mudah ‘ memang patut pun dia dihukum bunuh’. Soal siapa yang membunuh telah jelas dari “‘ Ilmu Tawarikh” yang saya pelajari dulu cuma penglibatan Almarhum Sultan Abdullah tidak jelas dan ini cukup menjelaskan saya bahawa ada bukti dan fakta bertulis yang dilampirkan.

    “Patek penderhaka.” To that, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar replied, “Bukan dengan patek. Dengan oghang (orang) puteh.” – Saya hampir mengalirkan airmata bukan kerana sedih tapi hiba apabila membayangkan Almarhom merendahkan dirinya kepada Sultan Perak ketika itu yang merupakan anak saudaranya sendiri.

    AlFatihah kepada pejuang-pejuang yang syahid demi Agama. ( Wajib berbaik dgn dgn mereka walau atas apa alasan sekalipun) muga-muga roh mereka yang gugur ini juga dimasukkan kedalam golongan para syuhada.

    Salam Takzim

  26. Salam semua… saya nak bertanya, if anyone know anything regarding Almarhum Raja Alang Abu Bakar serta anak perempuannya Almarhum Raja Zainab, kedua2nya dimakamkan di Kg Gajah, Perak. Adakah Raja Alang Abu Bakar anak kepada Sultan Abdullah?

    • Waalaikumsalam. Setahu kami, Almarhum Sultan Abdullah tidak ada anak yang bernama Raja Alang Abu Bakar. Setelah merujuk kpd salasilah di, tiada juga anak kepada Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I atau Sultan Abdullah Muazzam Shah (SP20) yang bernama demikian. -Ed.

      • Thanks, Ed, for the info. I was wondering which Sultan Abdullah that my late granny (Raja Zainab bt Raja Alang Abu Bakar) addressed as her grandfather. Since my mom (Tengku Hazny) passed away 6 yrs ago, I still can’t get the actual info about them. Have u any idea to guide me?

      • No problems at all. Terfikir juga jika Raja Alang yang saudara maksudkan berkahwin dengan seorang drpd puteri Almarhum Sultan Abdullah. Mengikut kajian salasilah terperinci yang dibuat oleh YM Raja Nur Jannah, tiada puteri Almarhum yang bersuamikan Raja Alang Abu Bakar.

        Sultan Perak spt Abdullah Muhd Shah I dan Abdullah Muazzam Shah hidup di pertengahan abad ke-19, oleh itu the Sultan Abdullah yg saudara maksudkan mungkin Sultan Abdullah Muhd Shah II.

        Possible explanations:
        1. adakah Raja Alang Abu Bakar berkahwin dgn anak angkat Almarhum Sultan Abdullah?
        2. adakah Sultan Abdullah yg dimaksudkan merupakan Sultan di negeri lain?
        3. ada lagi keturunan Almarhum yang ‘missing in action’ dan tidak termasuk dalam senarai

        Saya meminta maaf jika kedua-dua spekulasi ini menyinggung perasaan sdr, tetapi dlm menjejak salasilah, we have to think of several options. Saya akan berhubung juga dgn Raja Nur Jannah to see if she has any ideas!


      • Salam,

        Saya adalah abang kepada Ruhaizad,

        Anak Raja Zainab daripada suami pertama Tengku Haflah :-
        1. Tengku Ehsanudin – (Medan, umur 80+)
        2. Tengku Hazny (Teluk Intan meninggal 2004), Ibu Ruhaizad dan saya.
        3. Tengku Herlina (Taiping meninggal 2005)
        4. Tengku Farul (Medan, umur 70+)
        5. Tengku Saidin (Medan, Umur 60+)

        Suami Kedua Tengku Ahmad
        1. Tengku Zulmai (Kelang, 60+)

        Seingat saya sewaktu kecil, Arwah atuk (Raja Zainab) ada membawa saya menziarahi sepupu/dua pupu beliau yang saya panggil atuk tinggi sebab ketinggian beliau, rumahnya cukup dekat dengan Istana Bukit Chandan, kalau tak salah nama2 yang yg disebut Raja Sharudin, Raja Hirdan….

        Saya pernah diberitahu oleh atuk, disebabkan adik beradik beliau semuanya meninggal ketika meningkat remaja, dia telah di serahkan kepada bapa saudaranya di Kuala Kangsar, dia dijodohkan kepada Tengku Haflah ketika berusia 13 tahun ketika menetap di Kuala Kangsar. Setelah mendapat anak sulung mengikut suami ke Medan. Balik semula ke Perak, setelah tamat perang Jepun. Telah diberi “jaminan” oleh Sultan Idris bagi membolehkan dia kembali ke Perak setelah sekian lama menetap di Medan.

        Kebanyakan saudara atuk, kami panggil Nda (mungkin sepupu/dua pupu dgn arwah Tengku Hazny), antara yang masih hidup Nda Seha (Gombak), Nda Mi (Brickfield), Nda Ohm (Gombak), Nda Chik (Bidor).

        Saya pernah bertanya kepada Raja Zainab, siapa nama ibu beliau, yang disebutnya, tak pasti samada Raja Fatimah ataupun Raja Ngatimah ataupun Raja Ngah Ku Timah. Katanya lagi, zaman dahulu, anak-anak tak berani nak tanya nama-nama penuh ibu bapa mereka.

        Wallah hualam

  27. Well done Ku Mahariz and Ku Chulan. I hope that this website will see more response from our relatives as we are a large family and it would be great to trace those that we lost touch with. The Geni family tree is also very commendable. Kind regards, your cousin, Bok.

  28. Pingback: Batak Rabit: The story of Ibrahim Taha and Tok Tambah – loyal comrades of Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II | SembangKuala

  29. Assalamualaikum to all the Engku Editors. I’m wondering if you could help me to trace my family line for clarification purposes. I was told by my aunt Raja Malihan Raja Ismail who attended the gathering at Syuen recently that I’m the fifth generation of Sultan Abdullah. My father Raja Harun Raja Ismail (4th generation). His father Raja Ismail Raja Ahmad Tajuddin (3rd) and Raja Ahmad Tajuddin is the grandson to Sultan Abdullah. It seems that Raja Ahmad Tajuddin’s mother is one of Raja Abdullah’s daughter from his second marriage. To date, I do not know exactly what is the name of the Raja Abdullah’s daughter. My aunt told me that there’s a book that shows the family tree. How can I get the book? I’m very curious to know. Thanks, Raja Nor Safinas Raja Harun.

    • Waalaikumsalam, Ku Nor Safinas. I’m glad you’ve furnished us with enough details to allow us to at least attempt to answer your query.

      The name of your great-great-grandmother is Raja Puteh Aishah. She was the daughter of Che’ Rasiya (Rasiah), the 2nd wife of Almarhum Sultan Abdullah, who died in the Seychelles when they were in exile. Raja Puteh Aishah married Raja Ismail Raja Kulop Muhammad and had 6 children, one of whom is your great-grandfather Raja Ahmad Tajuddin.

      Please click this link which will bring you to Ku Jannah’s site containing the above info. The link also has a summary of the book you mentioned:

      As for obtaining a physical copy of the book, I am not sure how as I wasn’t at the gathering in Ipoh. Did your aunt get one?


      -R Mahariz Muzaffar, editor (one of) 😀

      • Dear Ku Mahariz,
        Thank you for coming back so soon to me. Alhamdulillah and I am indeed very grateful and elated by this information. I’ll ask my aunt soon regarding the book. My dad told me that he is attending a meeting today in Kuala Dipang with the rest of Sultan Abdullah’s descendants. Thanks once again.

        Ku Nor

  30. Dear all – My compliments for your persistence to find and keep your dynasties’ history. I am a researcher in kerajaan2 Indonesia, but also interested in the dynasties of the countries surrounding it. I wonder what Sultan Abdullah did during his exile in the Seychelles and what later back in Malaysia. I wonder if any keturunan of him never laid any claim the the sultan’ś title (if I may ask). Thank you.

    Salam hormat.
    D.P. Tick gRMK
    (anggota Kerabat Raja Kupang (Timor/Indonesia)(Sonaf Sonbai Naikoten))
    secr. Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan2 di Indonesia “Pusaka”
    facebook:Donald Tick

    • Dear Donald – Many thanks for your kind words. As for your query regarding Sultan Abdullah’s life in exile, may I point you in this direction:

      A number of Almarhum’s descendants have indeed been appointed heirs presumptive, without actually ‘laying a claim’ as such:
      1. Raja Di-HIlir (2nd in line) – Raja Sir Chulan, Raja Kamaralzaman, Raja Ahmad Hisham
      2. Raja Kecil Besar – Raja Lope Nor Rashid
      3. Raja Kecil Tengah – Raja Said Tauphy
      4. Raja Kecil Bongsu – Raja Zainal Azman

      Best wishes,
      – R Mahariz Muzaffar

  31. Yang Mulia; Thank you for your quick reply for rather interesting info. I have not much seen descriptions of exiled monarchs, but I must say Sultan Abdullah made quite good use of it’s time. So then he left back after his death a quite good impression, of what a king could be as an example for his people.

    You can be proud to have had a sultan/forefather like him.

    Salam hormat:
    DP Tick/Nederland.

  32. Salam. I’m fondly known as Oyeen. The youngest daughter of ym Raja Shahabuddin Razman ( Ayah Atan ) and Rokiah Hussain ( Kak Rock ). My paternal grandparents are YM Raja Razman bin Raja Abdul Hamid (Ku Nick) and Syarifah Hendon. My question is, was I related to the late Sultan Abdullah and if it’s true, which generation would that make me? Thank you in advance and sembah Salam to all.

    • Waalaikumsalam. You are related to Almarhum Sultan Abdullah the same way your first cousins[*] who are my editorial colleagues in SKuala are – Almarhum is your great-great granduncle. Your great-great granddad, Almarhum Sultan Idris I, was Almarhum Sultan Abdullah’s 1st cousin. Thus, you are related although not directly.

      [*]Ku Cholan here is an exception as Almarhum Sultan Abdullah is his great-great granddad by way of his mom. Ku Cholan’s maternal granddad, R Badiozaman was the grandson of Almarhum Sultan Abdullah. Almarhum is also my great-great granddad, but paternal lineage (orang Perak kata sepanchor :D).

      Hope this helps.


      R Mahariz Muzaffar

  33. Salam R Mahariz – I am Raja Zahariah Raja Ahmad Alang Ismara. My grandma was the late Raja Aminah bt Sultan Abdullah. I have lost contact with my uncle Raja Adnan who is the youngest son of Raja Aminah. Do you have his contact no?

  34. Assallamualaikum,
    Ayahanda saya arwah Raja Ahmad adalah anak sulung kapada Raja Aminah bt. Sultan Abdullah. Saya di fahamkan adik arwah ayah saya ia itu Raja Adnan telah menetap di Kuala Lumpur. Saya sangat berharap jika siapa yang mengenali beliau dapat memberi contact no. kerana saya telah lost touch dengan nya sejak ayah saya meniggal dunia.

    Terima kasih.
    Raja Zahariah Raja Ahmad.

  35. ada sesiapa tahu dimanakah semadi nya arwah teh hawa isteri kepada raja mansur shah ibni sultan abdullah muhammad shah II?

    • Adakah raja teh yg dimaksudkan org yg sama?? Sesiapa tahu mengenai salasilah anak kepada raja ibrahim yang anaknya adalah raja hasnah dan raja haji? Raja hasnah berkhawin dengan raja mahmud dan dua orang anak beliau raja saigon dan raja teh.. hubungi saya di atau 0126495792

  36. Wsalam, name saya tengku abdul matin anak kepada tengku putri cucu kepada tengku alam kerabat saya dari singapore nyonyang saya punye name sultan hussain dari indonesia saya tgh cari sedara2 saya yg saya tak knl tolong hubungi saya ye +6596110552,terima kasih

  37. salam.. baru2 nie ayah ada bercerita tentang keturunan kami bermula cerita unyang saya iaitu Raja Daud bin Raja Ngah ( ayah pun tak tahu keturunan dari isteri Raja Ngah Ibrahim yang ke berapa ) Di khabar beliau beristeri 3.Adik beradik Unyang saya ada 4 orang iaitu Raja Mat, Raja Daud , Raja Endut dan Raja Hamidah. Persamaan cerita yang mengaitkan keturunan kami dengan Raja Ngah dengan Raja Ngah Ibrahim ialah cerita berkenaan raja Ngah kami merupakan pembesar yang terlibat dengan pembunuhan J.W.W Birch. Telah dibuang negeri dan keturunan kami dipaksa menyembunyikan nama sebenar dan segala identiti dirahsiakan agar tidak dibunuh oleh pihak British. Keturunan kami ada yang terpaksa menyamar sebagai orang kebanyakkan dengan membuang gelaran raja.Kami yakin bahawa Raja Ngah dari keturunan kami adalah Raja Ngah Ibrahim yang disebut-sebut. Raja Mat mempunyai 3 orang anak iaitu Raja Usman bin Raja Mat, Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mat dan Raja Meliah bt Raja Mat. Raja Abdul Rahman bin Raja Mat akan tetap dijemput oleh Sultan ( semasa istana di Telok Anson )dalam semua majlis dan upacara pertabalan, tidak ketinggalan semasa upacara di Beting Beras Basah. Info : Untuk pertabalan, Pedang Kerajaan ( Cura Simanja Kini ) di celupkan di Kuala Sungai Perak dikawasan beting beras basah, maka berbunyi lah deringan menunjukkan sahnya raja tersebut adalah pewaris yang sah untuk menduduki tahta kerajaan sebagai Sultan Perak yang sah. Upacara ini adalah “wajib” dan tidak melakukannya maka tidaklah dianggap sah perlantikkan tersebut. Info ini dinyatakan untuk menunjukkan bahawa keturunan kami adalah yang terpenting dalam Kesultanan Perak tetapi telah terputus hububgan dan kami ingin kembali. Kepada sesiapa yang ingin membantu harap dapat hubungi saya Raja Khairuddin bin Raja Majid ditalian 014 5042235

  38. Assalamualaikum, does anyone know the siblings of Toh Puan Chik Ngah Manah Binti Manda Duwayat, the wife of Sultan Idris I. I told she is from Parit. Thank you

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