Successors of line of descendants since Sultan Idris I

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The Sultans of Perak after 1786 were the descendants of Sultan Ahmaddin Shah, the 18th Sultan of the State, also known as Marhum Bongsu. Descendants of the Sultan Ahmaddin Shah’s three sons – Sultan Abdul Malik Mansur Shah (the 19th Sultan), Raja Inu and Raja Abdul Rahman, took turns to ascend the throne. This brought about a unique system where the Sultans of Perak came from these three families.

In Perak, the Sultan’s son is not automatically the heir apparent (the Perak royal house is not patrilineal), unless he has been appointed heir apparent by being the Raja Muda. The six Perak Rajas that have the right to ascend the throne upon the demise of a Sultan are (in descending order) the Raja Muda, the Raja Di-Hilir, the Raja Kecil Besar, the Raja Kecil Sulung, the Raja Kecil Tengah and the Raja Kecil Bongsu.  Although it is not automatic, the Raja Muda is usually made the new Sultan by the Dewan Negara Perak, which comprises dignitaries of the State.

However, the list above is not exhaustive and requires further research by SembangKuala. This post, for the time being, focuses on the ranks from Raja Di-Hilir onwards.

1. This post has been amended as of 28 June 2009, concerning the first OKK Bendahara Seri Maharaja which was CM Yusuf and not Tan Sri Osman Talib as originally described.
2. The correct spelling for the RDH Perak from 1948-1962 is Raja Kamaralzaman, and not Kamaral-Azzam.


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