View of Sungai Perak, Kuala Kangsar

Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia

(Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)


3 thoughts on “View of Sungai Perak, Kuala Kangsar

  1. Hi, i once heard from my uncle story about “Lubuk Mat Anjen” in KK. is the story true? do you happen to have a picture of the place?

    • Temurking,
      Great mind think alike! Thought of writing something about Lubuk Mat Anjen last week but before that would prefer with some pics of it. Went back to KK last weekend but totally forgotten about the lubuk.
      Anyway, yes the lubuk does exist and I personally have seen the “lubuk” and it is located somewhere nearby/ opposite KK’s rest house towards Masjid Ubudiah. There are few versions of the origins or history of the name of lubuk Mat Anjen. We will try to compile and post it here. In the mean time, thank you so much for your visit and comment. We really appreciate it. Terima kasih.

      Editors of Sembang Kuala

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