The Arabs in Perak

“The Arabs from Hadhramaut also had a long history of influence in Perak, where all the four great posts of the state, except for that of  Temenggong, have been at least at one time held by them. These Arabs were also accepted as part ofthe Perak royal family and were addressed as Tengku.  One of the earliest Arabs to have been trusted with the highest post in Perak was Sayyid Abu Bakar who during the reign of Sultan Iskandar (1752-1765) was appointed Bendahara.  In nineteenth century Perak, successive Arabs had also been holding the post of Orang Kaya Besar, the last holder being Sayyid Jaafar. The last Perak great post held by an Arab was that of Orang Kaya Menteri Sri Paduka Tuan. The earliest known Arab appointee was Fakih Yusoff who was appointed  to the post during the reign of Sultan Muzaffar Shah (1728-1754). During his reign (two) Arab brothers, Sharif Hussain and Sharif Abu Bakar, were also appointed to the post,  the latter then being promoted to the post of Bendahara.”

Source: The Arabs Migration and Its Importance in the Historical Development of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Malaya by Mohd Redzuan Osman. (Paper presented at the 15th Annual World HIstory Association Conference held on 22-25 June 2006 in California, USA)


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