The ninety-nine laws of Perak: Law 33 – Division of Estate

“What is the law relating to the division of the estate of a deceased person?” The Minister made answer, “House and garden, crockery, kitchen-utensils and bedding, are taken by the female children. Implements of iron or weapons, padi lands or mines, go to the sons. The debts and assets of the estate are divided as follows: a son takes double a daughter’s share. The remaining property is equally divided, for all children are on an equality, all have the same origin. And it must be mentioned that if there are unmarried children their shares are increased by ten per cent.”

Edited and translated by Rigby, J. Papers on Malay Subjects. Wilkinson R.J, Ed. Printed by J. Russell for the F.M.S. Government Press, 1908.  


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