Tok Temong

Tok Temong, or her real name Tun Perobu, was a daughter of Bendahara Tun Perak of Melaka and also Tun Saban’s sister. Tun Saban appointed her as the head of Temong and she was thereafter known as Tok Puan Putih. It was only after her death that she was known as Tok Temong.


The Mestika or Geliga Embun.

During the installation of Sultan Muzaffar Shah, the first Sultan of Perak, Tok Temong presented the Sultan with the Mestika Embun as a gift for Tuanku’s installation, which was said to be made of petrified dew.

In return, Sultan Mudzaffar Shah presented her a golden puan bujur which she declined to accept, instead requesting an understanding from him that she be allowed to continue to rule from Temong upstream of the Perak River and that the Sultan and his successors should keep to the left bank (when faced downstream) of the river only, to which the Sultan agreed.

However, Sultan Idris Shah I departed from this tradition by building himself a palace on the right bank of the river on Bukit Chandan.


Makam Tok Temong at Kati in Kuala Kangsar.

Today, Mestika Embun is one of the Articles of the Perak Regalia during the installation ceremony of a new Sultan. Following the installation and the invocation of the Perak Guardian Spirits ceremonies (bertabal Jin), the new Sultan and his consort would make a pilgrimage to the royal graves to pay homage to the graves of the former Sultans. The pilgrimage begins at Makam Tok Temong.


DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah visiting Makam Tok Temong at Kati, in Kuala Kangsar, on his installation in 1984.

Reference: Laman Rasmi Pejabat DYMM Sultan Perak

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