Malay College Kuala Kangsar football team, 1911

malay college football team

(Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

Standing (Left to right) : Mohd bin Tahir; Raja Mutlak bin Raja Yusoff; Shekh Ahmad bin Sheikh Abdul Rahman; Wan Mohd . Salleh bin Wan Mohd. Amin; Wan Osman of Perak ; Hashim bin Abdul Jamil of Perak.
Seated, chairs (Left to right) : ?Raja Chulan ibni Almarhum ex-Sultan Abdullah*; Raja Uda; Dato Onn; Raja Embeh; Raja Mahadi bin Sultan Suleiman.
Seated, floor (Left to right) : Tengku Bahdar Shah bin Sultan Suleiman; Che Mohd. of Penang; Raja Ibrahim bin Che Amin of Selangor.

[*] Information obtained from the archives may sometime contain inaccuracies as the description of any archived material is likely to to be provided by the donor of the item. In our opinion, the boy seated leftmost is unlikely to be Raja Chulan ibni Sultan Abdullah as he never went to the Malay College, and by 1911 he would have been 42 years old! Whilst not ubiquitous, Chulan is a common name amongst the Royal sons of Perak. Does anyone have any further information on this photo?


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