Sir Cecil Clementi

Source: Wikipedia

Sir Cecil Clementi. (Source: Wikipedia)

Sir Cecil Clementi was a British colonial administrator (born in Cawnpore, India on 1 September, 1875; attended St Paul’s School and Magdalen College, Oxford) who served as Governor of Hong Kong from 1925-30.

After his tenure as Governor of Hong Kong ended, Clementi went on to serve as Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Straits Settlements, which included Singapore, and High Commissioner for the Malay States, from February 1930 to November 1934. This was his last post in the Colonial Services. During this time, his policy was to achieve federation for all nine Malay states. Through his knowledge of Chinese affairs, he was able to check the influence of the Kuomintang and Moscow’s plan for ‘colonial revolution’ in Malaya. Six years later, in 1940, Clementi became the Master of the Mercers’ Company in London. He died in 1947, aged 71.

cecil clementi

Sir Cecil Clementi's visit to Kuala Kangsar on 17.3.1930. On Clementi's right is Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Shah. (Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

Sir Cecil had visited Perak in March 1930 as part of his tour of the FMS in the year he was made Governor of the Straits Settlements and High Commissioner for the Malay States. He and Lady Clementi were received by Almarhum Sultan Iskandar at the Kuala Kangsar railway station on 17 March, following which an ‘At Home’ polo match was played in their honour at the Iskandar Polo Club. The three-day official visit was reported to be packed – with visits to the Malay College, the dam construction at Chenderoh, Batu Gajah, Gopeng, Tanjung Rambutan, Ipoh and then Taiping where they attended a battalion parade by the Burma Rifles as well as a visit to King Edward VII School.

Clementi has had several places named after him, including the town of Clementi in Singapore.

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