Lieutenant-General (Rtd) Raja Dato’ Abdul Rashid Badiozaman

Lt. Gen. Raja Dato' Abdul Rashid Raja Badiozaman. (Photo courtesy of the family of Raja Dato' Abdul Rashid)

Raja Abdul Rashid Badiozaman

Photo of Raja Dato' Abdul Rashid Badiozaman taken from a press cutting.

Lieutenant-General (Rtd) Raja Dato’ Abdul Rashid bin Raja Badiozaman is the younger brother of the late Raja Tun Mohar, and the great-grandson of Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II.

Raja Abdul Rashid received his early secondary education at Clifford School, Kuala Kangsar, before being admitted to the Royal Military College at Sungei Besi. He later graduated from Lancaster University, United Kingdom, with a Masters Degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies.

In 1962, he was commissioned as 2ndLieutenant in the Malayan Army. He served in the Armed Forces for more than 34 years. As a Lieutenant-Colonel, he was Commanding Officer of 8th Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment (Para)*, an airborne infantry battalion, which fought against the remaining communist insurgents from 1974 to 1976. He retired in 1995, as Chief of Military Intelligence, a post he held for more than 7 years.

Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Raja Dato’ Abdul Rashid occasionally writes on security issues for the media and has given lectures at the Malaysian Police College and the International Islamic University.

[*] Regimental Sergeant Major Kanang anak Langkau, the only recipient of both the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa and the Panglima Gagah Berani medals, was a member of the 8th Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment.


7 thoughts on “Lieutenant-General (Rtd) Raja Dato’ Abdul Rashid Badiozaman

  1. Salam YM Editors,

    Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Raja Iskandar Bin Raja Abdul Rashid, the youngest son of Raja Abdul Rashid (with Wan Zaiton).

    I have known of this blog for some time now but have never had the opportunity to fully venture into all the entries. I must say that I am impressed at the depth of information you have managed to collect and compile.

    I would, however, like to make a correction to the entry about my father. He is only Dato’ and not Dato’ Seri as stated above. He had received 2 medals which both carry the title Dato’ (one from Perak and the other from Kelantan).

    By the way, I had shown my father this entry and it put a big smile on his face. For that I would like to thank all of you for making his day.

    Keep up the good work gentlemen and I shall be following this blog closely from now on.

    Sincerest regards,

    Raja Iskandar

    • Waalaikumsalam – Thank you for your very kind words. Whilst we endeavour to ensure accuracy in our posts, slip-ups do happen! We will amend the error you pointed out ASAP.

      BTW, my name is Raja Mahariz Raja Muzaffar, one of the editors, and your second cousin. My dad used to know your aunt, Raja Nor Zaharah, and uncle, Raja Abdul Jalil, when they were younger as they used to stay in my granddad’s (Raja Kamaralzaman) house. And of course you may know Ku Cholan who from time to time contribute with his ‘Musings’ on SKuala!

      Best wishes and wassalam,


    • Salam again, Ku Iskandar. We were wondering if you do have any digital copies of photographs of your dad to share, as well as any other info that can be added to his short biodata above, we would be eternally grateful. We can contacted via email at



  2. Salam YM Engku,

    I have been following with great interest the thoughts of YM Raja Abdul Rashid for years, especially his views on defense policy, cross border and arsenal race in the region. Even Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew acknowledged YM Raja Abdul Rashid as a “great intelligent mind” on his views regarding S’pore & M’sian ties. The article is good but more can be said about this great M’sian General. As such, please allow me to convey my gratitude to this great man. Salam Pak Engku, May Allah bless you with Rahmat, here and thereafter.

  3. Met YM Raja Rashid a couple of times when he was still in JID service. Also his elder brother the late Raja Tun Mohar in MAS board meetings. Both are great KK men.

    I passed through KK in my schooling days and left with many sweet memories of the place and a number of Chandan friends. Regards.

  4. Salam YM Editors,

    I have longed to know more about the respectable Raja Abdul Rashid. Though I am unsure why the longing and intense urge has only compelled me to google him now considering the vast amount of information the internet has all-knowingly and has long readily provided. Anyway, I suppose that this very discovery was what overwhelmed me more than the information I had been longing for. To know that this man is not just that of titles but that of substantiated respect by his peers, his people and those who go beyond isles and oceans. I am not here to thank you for the information you have provided but for acknowledging him.

    Note that this comment only serves as an online trail that has gone astray from the heart of a child who just misses her father.

    Raja Aishah Binti Raja Abdul Rashid
    (Second daughter of Raja Abdul Rashid)

  5. Salam YM Editors,

    First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Puteri Kaarriena Khaled El-Sherief. First grand daughter of Raja Dato’ Ahmad Badiozaman, the elder brother to Raja Dato’ Rashid. I stumbled across this website while searching about my ancestors and may I say knowing I carry such a blood line is incredible.

    A couple of days Raja Rashid and his wife Wan Zaiton came to my house, I would just like to say even in his old age him and my grand dad still have a gleam of energy in their eyes while they speak of the past and the way they carry themselves are truly in a level above the rest.

    I’m happy to know that with the internet I now know that I have many royal cousins from my mother’s side. The internet truly does bring the world closer.

    To end this little note. I wish all of you all the blessings Allah swt can bless upon you and all your families.

    Have a good day and happy new year.

    Puteri Kaarriena Khaled El-Sherief.

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