British cabinet papers on the proposed retrocession to Perak of the Dendings (Dindings) territory

PROPOSED RETROCESSION TO PERAK OF THE DENDINGS TERRITORY. Printed for the British Cabinet. October 1933.  Copy No. C P . 234 (33).
[Copy No. 36  Memorandum by the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Downing Street, October 25, 1933.]

For the full Cabinet Paper in PDF format, please click here.

According to M.A. Fawzi Basri (Cempaka Sari: Sejarah Kesultanan Negeri Perak), the idea of the retrocession of the Dinding district and Pulau Pangkor (originally ceded to the British in 1874 following the Pangkor treaty) had been mooted by Sultan Idris I but failed. Sultan Iskandar Shah revived the efforts towards retrocession and the signing ceremony was held on 6 June 1934. Apparently, the retrocession was protested by the Chinese peranakan group led by Tan Cheng Lock on the grounds that it was ‘against the demand of the local people’.

Source: British National Archives

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