Prime Minister of Australia received in audience by DYMM Sultan Yusuf Izzudin at Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar – 10.12.1959


The photo shows the Rt Hon Robert Menzies receiving a gold embroidered yellow silk covered tudung saji (food cover) from His Highness. (Photo: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

The visit of the Australian premier to Perak was reported in The Straits Times 11.12.1959:

“The Prime Minister of Australia, the Rt. Honourable Resident General (Robert) Menzies and his wife, Dame Pattie Menzies, were received in audience by Their Highnesses the Sultan and Raja Perempuan of Perak at Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar, on December 10, 1959.

“The couple was greeted by the Menteri Besar, En. Ghazali Jawi (later Tan Sri), En. Lokhman (acting State Secretary), the territorial chief Dato’ Setia, and members of the State Executive Council.

“During the audience there was an exchange of gifts. Presents were exchanged after the formal greetings where Mr. Menzies presented Sultan Yusuf a large silver cigarrette lighter embossed with the Australian crest. In return, he received a ‘tudung saji’ (food cover), exquisitely fashioned in yellow silk and gold leaf[1].

“Dame Pattie, who gave Raja Perempuan Taayah a gold brooch received in return two handbags of yellow silk embroidered with gold leaf thread, one of which Raja Perempuan Taayah had made.

“A day before, a small gathering was organised by Tunku Abdul Rahman (the Prime Minister) at the Cameron Highlands to celebrate Mr. Menzies’ 10th anniversary after taking office as the Prime Minister of Australia.”

[1]The tudung saji was hand crafted by Raja Halimah Razman (Raja Mimi) of Bukit Chandan.


Reference: The Straits Times. 11 December 1959. page 7. [Courtesy of Singapore Press Holdings ©]


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