Malayan Volunteers Group


Motto of the MVG - 'Lest we forget'.

Volunteers from the Federated Malay States (F.M.S.) were organised into 4 Battalions:
Perak – 1st Battalion F.M.S.V.F.
Selangor – 2nd Battalion F.M.S.V.F.
Negeri Sembilan – 3rd Battalion F.M.S.V.F.
Pahang – 4th Battalion F.M.S.V.F.

There was also an F.M.S.V.F. Signals Battalion, F.M.S.V.F.Light (Artillery) Battery, F.M.S.V.F. Reserve Motor Transport Company and F.M.S.V.F. Field Ambulance units.

Total number of men: 5,200.

[To go to the Malayan Volunteers Group website, click HERE.]


3 thoughts on “Malayan Volunteers Group

  1. I am a member of the Malayan Volunteers Group or MVG. We are the former volunteer servicemen who served in Malaya in WW2 and during the 1st Emergency or their immediate family members or descendants. We are a British-based organisation and I am its sole Malaysian member at present. My grand-uncles gave their lives to defend Malaya in WW2.

    The MVG is not only focused on the Federated Malay States Volunteer Force (FMSVF) but also includes the Straits Settlement Volunteer Force (SSVF) which fought to the bitter in Singapore, the Malayan Volunteer Air Force, Unfederated Malay States Volunteer Force, Johor State Volunteers, and other units.

    The badge you are displaying in this blog is the MVG one. The FMSVF badge is quite different and you can view it in some of the photos in the MVG website. I am quite happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

    • Hi Mr Hwang,

      Thank you so much for your clarification and we are very touched with your offer. We really appreciate it.

      Take care & regards,

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