The installation of Raja Idris as Raja Muda Perak in 1886


Installation of Raja Idris as Raja Muda of Perak at Kuala Kangsar in 1886. Scene of Balairong during the installation ceremony. Seated (left to right): Frank Swettenham; Raja Idris; W.H.Treacher. (Photo: Arkib Negara Malaysia)


7 thoughts on “The installation of Raja Idris as Raja Muda Perak in 1886

  1. Salam,

    I went back to kuala last weekend. My itineraries included, among them locating the graves of Sultan Idris’s children. Managed to locate R.Per.Khadijah, RKSulong, RBendahara, RShaharuddin, RShuib and RNgah Halimah. Plus other relatives.

    I also went to Galeri Sultan Azlan to look for Sultan Abdul Jalil’s date of birth but it was not stated anywhere. A bit frustrated because taking pictures inside the gallery is not allowed. This place brings lot of memories because I used to study there from 1969-1972 (Sek Raja Per Muzwin). There is a group photo taken at Istana Merchu in 1927 titled ‘on the occasion of the retirement of C.W.C.Parr, British Residence of Perak’ that caught my attention. In the photograph were Sultan Iskandar, RHarun Al-Rashid, R.A.Aziz, RYusuf, RChulan, R.Abd.Rashid, R.Khadijah, R.Puteh Kelsom, RTaayah (at that time R.Puan Kecil) and Permaisuri Che’Teh. Do you have a copy of this photo or is there a chance of getting R.Dato’ Mansor’s assistance to publish this photo in Sembang Kuala.

    I bought 2 books at the gallery:
    1. Silver Jubilee of the Reign of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah
    2. A Collection of Montages

    After the gallery, I dropped by Raja Nor Izah bt R.Harun Al-Rashid’ s house. She said Raja Mahtra, Raja Kimas and Raja Zan were sisters, children of Raja Sir Chulan. R.Mahtra got married to Raja Harun Al-Rashid, Raja Kimas married R.Abd Rashid and their good friend, Raja Kecil Tengah Raja Ngah Ali married R.Zan. My query is, Raja Mahtra was always described as daughter of Sultan Abdullah, although her mother’s name were never mentioned. Would Sembang Kuala have an answer to this question?

    Thank you, and best regards.
    Raja Nur jannah

    • Salam,

      Thanks for visiting Sembang Kuala again. We will try to seek Ayah Mansur’s assistance in getting the photo to be included here.

      Secondly, based on my record, Raja Mantara, Raja Kimas & Raja Zan were sisters and daughters of Raja Sir Chulan by his second wife Che’ Sariya binti Sahat. Yes, Raja Kimas & Raja Zan married Raja Bendahara and Raja Ngah Ali respectively. Unfortunately, no info on Raja Mantara.

      On the other hand, agreed with you, there’s no record on Raja Mahtra’s mother. What can be gathered is that she was al-Marhum Sultan Abdullah’s daughter and yes, she was married to Raja Haji Harun Al-Rashid ibni al-Marhum Sultan Idris I. Her children includes Raja Aman Shah, Raja Haji Shahar Shah, Raja Kamiluddin, Raja Zainal Karib Shah, Raja Badri Shah & Raja Nurshida. Anyway, we will try to seek this info. Insyallah.

      Thanks for your posting.

      Sembang Kuala

  2. Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I would like to share following info:

    Raja Mahtra’s Children:
    1.Raja Anor Shah (Baitul Anor)
    2. Raja Nahar Shah
    3. Raja Idris
    4. Raja Hisham
    5. Raja Kamil
    6. Raja Zainal Karib
    7. Raja Amir Abdullah
    8. Raja Nor Kamar
    9. Raja Nor Akma @ Duna
    10.Raja Nor Diana @ Duni
    11. Raja Nor Shakma

    Raja Aman Shah, Raja Haji Shahar, Raja Kamiluddin were the children of cik Sareah (baitul Aman), whereas Raja Badri is son of cik Zaidah. And Raja Norshidah is daughter of Cik Rahmah (Baitul Rahmah).


    P/S: Sembang Kuala has become one of my reference centre now. Semoga usaha murni ini memperolehi keredhaan Allah SWT.

    • I see. Thanks for the clarification. My dad told me that Raja Harun al Rashid had 44 childrens and perhaps it would be grateful if you could verify this also as my listing below only 42.
      1. Raja Anor Shah (Baitul Anor)
      2. Raja Nahar Shah
      3. Raja Idris
      4. Raja Hisham
      5. Raja Kamil
      6. Raja Zainal Karib
      7. Raja Amir Abdullah
      8. Raja Nor Kamar
      9. Raja Nor Akma @ Duna
      10.Raja Nor Diana @ Duni
      11. Raja Nor Shakma
      12. Raja Aman Shah
      13. Raja Haji Shahar Shah
      14. Raja Kamiluddin
      15. Raja Badri
      16. Raja Norshidah
      17. Raja Amza
      18. Raja Amran
      19. Raja Zamzah Shah
      20. Raja Hazshazah Shah
      21. Raja Adat
      22. Raja Dato’ Seri Arif Shah
      23. Raja Hizam
      24. Raja Tan Ahmad
      25. Raja Norman Shah
      26. Raja Khalil Shah
      27. Raja Azizul Khair
      28. Raja Bahrin
      29. Raja Ahmad Azizan
      30. Raja Muhammad
      31. Raja Osman Shah
      32. Raja Haji Amir
      33. Raja Muhammad Kamil
      34. Raja Shaharun Nasra
      35. Raja Nur Anuwar
      36. Raja Nur Azian
      37. Raja Nor Azian
      38. Raja Nor Zainunnisa
      39. Raja Rahzashur
      40. Raja Lat Faizah
      41. Raja Fauziah
      42. Raja Nor Izzah
      Once complete, we will post it in the blog.

      Another thing, thanks so much for your compliments. In fact, from day one it is our main intention for Sembang Kuala to become a referance point about the Perak Royal family. Your comments, contributions and support would definately heighten our spirit to move forward. Thank you so much.


  3. Salam. I wanna ask about Raja Kimas. I’m doing research and study about Istana Gahara (Istana Bendahara). According to the daughter of Raja Abdul Rashid, Raja Sakinatul Akmar, Raja Kimas once lived there before Raja Puan Kechil Raja Aisyah Raja Saidin. So, I would like to know about Raja Kimas, eg date of her wedding with Raja Abdul Rashid and the date she passed away.

    • Waalaikumussalam. From what we know (thanks to the genealogical info provided by Raja Nur Jannah R Hirdan), Raja Kimas was the daughter of Raja Sir Chulan and his 2nd wife, Che Sariya bt Sahat. Raja Kimas was then married to Raja Abdul Rashid ibni Sultan Idris I, as his 4th wife, and they had issue – Raja Nor Shihan and Raja Nor Shiba.

      I’m afraid I don’t know any further details re: her date of marriage and death.

      SembangKuala had in the past posted a photo of Raja Kimas if you are interested:


      • salam

        My grandmother once told me about my keturunan keluarga. There’s Raja Lope Ahmad and as far as i know he’s my great grandfather. My grandfather is Raja Idris Raja Lope Ahmad he already passed away. Raja Idris have 2 children, Raja Haniza is my mom & Raja Hilmy is my uncle. When i was a kid, i remember we went to Kuala Kangsar every year to someone’s house, by that time i dont even know why.

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