The Perak State Regalia: The royal aigrette and tiara


The aigrette.

This aigrette was bought in London by Almarhum Sultan Idris I in 1911 when attending the coronation of George V. When Almarhum Sultan Idris I mangkat in 1916, the aigrette was acquired by the State Government for $20,000 and was added to the Regalia. Until the Second World War, it was kept in the Kuala Kangsar Government Treasury. At the end of December 1941, when the Japanese forces were nearing Kuala Kangsar, the then District Officer, Encik Jomaron, took it with him to Singapore for safe keeping. When Singapore fell, the aigrette was taken by the Japanese and the next thing anyone heard about its location was that it had been brought back to Tokyo. It was returned to Almarhum Sultan Abdul Aziz by the British Military Administration, with some stones missing which were duly replaced.


The tiara.

The diamond and platinum tiara was made in Hong Kong in the mid 1960’s, at a cost of $23,000 and consists of 312 diamonds set in platinum.

[Photo source: Buku pertabalan DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah]


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