YAM Raja Harun Al Rashid (Raja Kechil Sulong: 1918-1945)


A portrait of YAM Raja Kechil Sulong Harun AL-Rashid. (Photo: Raja Fauziah Raja Harun Al Rashid)

Raja Harun Al-Rashid ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris I was born in 1882. During his father’s reign as Sultan of Perak, Raja Harun Al-Rashid was given the responsibility as secretary for the Turkish relief fund to raise money in aid of the Turkish people who were suffering from the wars during the decline of the Ottoman Empire. On 4 January 1913, the amount of $7610.33 was raised by Almarhum Sultan Idris I and the people of Perak, the amount of which was then channelled via the Turkish Red Crescent. At 36, Almarhum was granted the title of Raja Kecil Sulong in 1918, in conjunction with the installation of Sultan Iskandar. Almarhum was also Malay Secretary to Sultan Iskandar and was regarded as a staunchly patriotic Perak royal.

Raja Harun Al-Rashid was a keen sportsman, playing both polo and football. Almarhum had played polo with Sultan Iskandar Shah against a team that included the Prince George, Duke of Kent in 1920. In football, Almarhum had captained the ‘Idris XI’ against the ‘Abdullah’ team which comprised descendants of Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II, captained by YAM Raja Di-Hilir Chulan, in a match organised during the KCMG investiture week for Sultan Iskandar in 1921.

Raja Harun Al-Rashid left an architectural legacy in Bukit Chandan – majestic Malay mansions, built for his wives by the skilled Tukang Sofian. Almarhum was also described as having an eye for architecture and he was skilled with his hands, especially in the art of Malay woodcarving, and he was frequently consulted for advice by other members of the Perak Royal Family. It was also no wonder that some of his descendants possess a similar aptitude.

Raja Harun Al-Rashid retired from his position as Malay Secretary to Sultan Iskandar in 1936, following which Almarhum made the pilgrimmage to the holy city of Makkah for the hajj. Almarhum was accompanied by his wife, Raja Mahtra @ Mentera binti Raja Sir Chulan, and their son, Raja Amir.

Almarhum died aged 63 on 10 May 1945 in Kuala Kangsar. He had issue and his family tree can be seen below (courtesy of Raja Nur Jannah binti Raja Hirdan):

Click to enlarge. (Courtesy of Raja Nur Jannah Hirdan, updated February 2012)

3 thoughts on “YAM Raja Harun Al Rashid (Raja Kechil Sulong: 1918-1945)

  1. Dear Editor,
    For your information The son of Raja Harun Al rashid , Raja Zainal Karib Shah and wife No 6, Che Teh (living in Tanjung Bungah, Penang)are still alive.

    • Ku Yee,

      Thanks so much for your prompt reply in the Facebook. We are so delighted to get your permission to reproduce some of the photos here. We thank you also in updating us on the above. It would be good if we could upload the pic of Wan Che Teh in this blog including Ayah Karib’s and your photo or perhaps latest family photos. You may emailed it to anyone of us in sembang kuala.

      Terima kasih dari patik2 semua di sembang kuala.

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