Surat Chiri, part 2

“The Malays of Perak say that the chiri was first introduced in the time of the first Malay Raja, who came down fr0m the mountain Sagantang Maha-Meru, and appeared suddenly in Palembang, in Sumatra, riding on a white bull. It is not necessary to trace here the origin of the myths connected with the early Malay rajas. It is sufficient to say that it can probably be shown that some of the incidents which appear in Malay traditions bear close analogy to descriptions which are found in Hindu mythology, and that there has evidently been confusion between the history of the first Malay Raja and legends of the Hindu god Siva, attributes of the latter, the white bull for instance, being introduced into the narrative which purports to treat of the adventures of the former. The Malay narrative in question is to be found in the Sejarah Malayu, which is an historical account of the royal line of Malacca.

“The best known version of this work is the one purporting to have been cast in its present form by a Johor chief in 1021, but every Malay State which claims the descent of its royal line from the kings of Malacca has probably its own written genealogical work, in which the ancient legends, or some of them, are introduced. A record of this sort, which formerly belonged to the Rajas of Perak, is in my possession, and from it I extract the following passage, in which the first mention of the chiri is made. The first Raja has just descended from the heaven of Indra (ka-indra-an) upon Mount Sagantang Maha Miru, and with two companions  has manifested himself to two women of Palembang named Pak and Malini. They have received him joyfully, and the local chieftain has abdicated in his favour. The story then continues :

‘Maka ada sa’ekor lumbu hidopan Wan Pak dan Wan Malini puteh warnania seperti perak ; maka dengan takdir Allah taala lumbu itu pun muntahkan buih, maka deri pada buih itu-lah kaluar sa’orang manusia Bat namania, maka iya berdiri memuji dimikian bunyinia pujinia, maka raja itu diglarnia ulih Bat itu Sri Tria Buana. Ada pun anak chuchu Bat itulah orang yang membacha chiri deri pada zaman dahulu kala.’

“‘Now there was a certain cow, the support of Wan Pak and Wan Malini; in colour it was white, like unto silver. By the decree of God most high this cow vomited forth foam, and out of the foam there came forth a man. Bhat was his name. And he stood up and repeated praises, and his praises were after this wise: . . . The Raja received from Bhat the title of Sri Tribuana. It is the posterity of this Bhat who have been the readers of the chiri from the days of old (even until now).’

“Here, it will be observed, there is a hiatus in the sentence which makes mention of the eulogium pronounced by Bhat; the actual words used by him are omitted, though it would seem from the context that the original narrative must have included them.”

Source:  Maxwell W.E. An Account Of The Malay Chiri – A Sanskrit Formula


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