The Orang Besar of Perak

The Perak Sultanate is considered the closest there is to the old Malacca Sultanate system. The Orang Besar system that exists in Perak today is also closely related to that in old Malacca.

The Orang Besar Negeri in Perak are divided as such:

1. Orang Besar Empat
2. Orang Besar Lapan
3. Orang Besar Enam Belas
4. Orang Besar Tiga Puluh Dua

Historically, the ruling class in Perak can be divided into the royal house and the nobles (from which the Orang Besar Negeri are chosen). It is the Sultan’s prerogative and he has the ultimate power to appoint, or replace, any of the Orang Besar Negeri. Therefore, the position of an Orang Besar Negeri is not hereditary.

SembangKuala has compiled a list of the Orang Besar Negeri Perak, which includes:
1. the background of the post
2. the role of the post-holder
3. the name of the current post-holder

This document is available here in PDF format.

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