Raja Ngah Mansur ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah

Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia

Photo taken in 1913. Left to right : Raja Kamaralzaman (later Raja Di-Hilir from 1948-1962), Raja Teh Mariam, Raja Ali Shah, Raja Mansur and Raja Badiozaman (father of the late Raja Tun Mohar). (Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

Raja Mansur was the eldest son of Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II and Raja Tipah Raja Ngah Putera. Some authorities suggest that he was born in Tanjung Brambang in 1867. Together with his younger brother, Raja Chulan, he was educated at Raffles Institution and, later, Malacca High School following his father’s exile to the Seychelles by the British. Both Raja Mansur and Raja Chulan were skilled cricketers at MHS.

At the age of 16, Raja Mansur was a junior officer in the Perak State Secretariat in 1883 for five years. In 1888, he was aide-de-camp to Sultan Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah, during which time* he accompanied Sultan Idris to England for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. It was also described that Raja Mansur had again gone to England, this time in 1894 with Sultan Abdullah, following the decision made by the British government to allow the exiled Sultan to return to the Federated Malay States.


Raja Mansur with his father, Sultan Abdullah, in a photo taken in London (circa 1894). (Source: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

Raja Mansur later became Assistant to the British Resident of Perak (?Ernest Woodford Birch) in 1904. In 1915, he and his brothers, which included Raja Chulan, Raja Abdul Malik (father of Almarhum Raja Di-Hilir Ahmad Hisham), Raja Abdul Hamid and Raja Said Tauphy had sent a memorial to the Colonial Office asking for the ban on the descendants of Sultan Abdullah to succession of the Perak throne to be lifted.

Raja Mansur died in Butterworth surrounded by his children on 27 August 1934 and he was interred at Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar. He was married to a daughter of Sultan Idris I named Raja Ngah Halimah (mother of Raja Badiozaman), Ngah Jah binti Alang Mat Kassim (mother of Almarhum Raja Di-Hilir Kamaralzaman), Che’ Mahrum and Teh Hawa. He was 68 at the time of his passing.


[*] It was described by YAM Raja Kamaralzaman Raja Mansur to Mubin Sheppard in an interview published in Malaya In History that Raja Mansur was instrumental in creating what is now known as the Perak State Anthem. Please see this SembangKuala post on the other anecdotes surrounding the creation of the anthem.

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39 thoughts on “Raja Ngah Mansur ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah

  1. Thank you for making the correction promptly. I showed this website to my dad and he is well impressed. I’m afraid there’s another correction pointed out by my dad for the first photograph (we actually have a copy at home!) – the man in the long sarong with the white baju is Raja Badiozaman, and the small boy holding the topi is Raja Ali Shah.

  2. dad referred to raja ali shah as ayah chu, a nice man who loved to isap churut. he married the daughter of sultan deli, but dad can’t remember if ayah chu had any kids. ayah chu’s mom was teh hawa, who was apparently a hartawan of sorts – even had a teh hawa building on jalan datuk in ipoh. can anyone please confirm such a building exist? and if anyone knows of raja ali shah’s descendants?

    • Teh Hawa Building dah tak wujud lagi. Keturunan Raja Ali Shah iaitu cucunya ada di Ipoh dan rapat dgn saya, dan kawen dgn Tengku Jurah takda anak. Tapi sedara tau tak di mana kuburnye arwah Teh Hawa?

  3. With regards to what Engku Mahariz said, There happens to be a very wealthy lady in Ipoh and orang panggil dia “Cik Teh Berlian”. I was once told that the building in Ipoh(not sure Jalan Datuk) belongs to her.


    • Cik Teh Berlian was my grandmother and her name was Hajah Teh Fatimah Abdul Wahab and as far as I know she did not marry any royalty eventho’ she did marry more than once.

  4. Re: Raja Ali Shah bin Raja Ngah Mansur_Perak/Deli

    I just wanted to share following info:

    1.Raja Ali Shah was married to Tengku Jurah bt Sultan Amaluddin III (Sultan Deli). Tengku Jurah’s mom was Raja Khadijah bt Sultan Abdullah (‘berganti tikar’ with her elder sister, Raja Mariam Maheran bt Sultan Abdullah).

    2. Tengku Jurah’s younger sister, Tengku Ummul Banin married Raja Zainal Azman bin Raja Sir Chulan

    3. Their half brother, Sultan Otteman II ibni Sultan Amaluddin III (son of Raja Mariam Maheran) married (1) Raja Aminah bt Raja Sir Chulan (anak Raja Puteh Kelsom Idris); (2) Raja Norshidah bt Raja Kecil Sulong Harun Al-Rashid.

    4. Tengku Izah bt Sultan Amaluddin III married Raja Arif Shah bin Raja Kecil Sulong Harun Al-Rashid.

    5. Another brother, Tengku Bendahara Amiruddin ibni Sultan Amaluddin III, was married to Raja Nor Aziah bt Raja Kecil Sulong Harun Al-Rashid.

    Two children of Tengku Bendahara were also married to Raja Perak:
    1. Tengku Fuaddin (Ku Payong) x Raja Teh Hasnah bt Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid
    2. Tengku Djuarita x Raja Mohzan bin Raja Tan Ahmad


    • Yes…that’s the term “berganti tikar”. Another case of “berganti tikar”, the widow of Raja Abdul Hamid Sultan Idris I(our great grandfather) married her brother in-law i.e. Raja Kecil Sulong Harun Al Rashid.

      Thanks for the info Ku Jannah. Just in case takut x sempat wish…..Selamat Hari Raya:)


  5. While we are it, maybe sembangkuala could ‘introduce’ nama-nama menantu Raja Ngah Mansor yang lain. Deme kawin dgn sapa? No info found.
    1. Raja Abdul Majid
    2. Raja Badiozaman
    3. Raja Kamaralzaman
    4. Raja Puteh Mariam
    5. Raja Ali Shah x Tengku Jurah bt Sultan Amaluddin III

    SELAMAT HARI RAYA juga to all editors.

    P/S minta maaf kpd Dewan Bahasa n Pustaka sbb bahasa campur2. Nak susun ayat jadi lambat.

    • For the time being the only info we have:
      1) Raja Badiozaman married Chee Soo binti Abdul Rahman

      We will try to get the info & also hope that if others could help. Thanks.


    • Salam – Raja Nur Jannah dari keturunan mana ya? Maaf bertanya sebab susur galur dah terlalu besar. Benar Raja Ali Shah kahwin dengan Tengku Jurah, tetapi Tengku Jurah tidak berkenan mengikut ke Perak, opah saya ada mengikut rombongan ke Deli atas perkahwinan Raja Ali Shah.

  6. Raja Teh Mariam bt Raja Ngah Mansor was my great grandmother. My mother told me that she lost the original photo of her grandmother and her family. My mother also told me that she would address Raja Kamaralzaman as ‘Atuk Tuanku’ and he loved my great grandmother dearly. Raja Kamaralzaman called my great grandmother ‘Nyah’. My great grandmother died in 1974.

    • Salam – I am your uncle (strictly speaking second cousin once removed). If you like a hi-def .jpeg copy of the first photo (I scanned an actual copy of the photo) above without the Arkib watermark, I’d be happy to email it to you. Wassalam.

      -R Mahariz R Muzaffar

      • Salam – Ku Mahariz. Patek mohon kiranya dapat engku e-mail gambar Raja Teh Mariam dan keluarga pada patek. Patek amat menghargainya. Wassalam.

  7. Salam

    Oopps, somehow I cannot paste the right link to salasilah Raja Mansur ibni Sultan Abdullah. Please ignore the link I attached above.

    The info I have of Raja Teh Mariam is, she is daughter of Raja Mansur and his 3rd wife, Cik Mahrum. Appreciate if M.Z. Cholan could furnish more info. Thanks.


    • Salam Chor

      Since Ayah Pa ada sini, here’s a head start:

      Raja Ngah Mansur ibni Sultan Abdullah X Che Mahrum –> Raja Teh Mariam x Raja Chulan Raja Sulaiman (Selangor) –> Raja Azian (Chor Yong) bt Raja Chulan x Raja Sulaiman Raja Abdullah (Abang Leman) –> Raja Mohar, Raja Fuziah, Raja Sahar, Raja Busu, Raja Salleh

      [x]-married to



      • Salam sembangkuala…

        saya hanya orang kebanyakan yang meminati salasilah kesultanan di tanah melayu. saya ingin mengenali dan memahami lebih lanjut salasiah raja mohar. dimana saya boleh memperolehi lebih banyak maklumat dan gambar . jasabaik sembangkuala amat saya hargai. terima kasih sekali lagi

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  9. Salam. A piece of history not to be missed. Well done! By the way, can anyone point out what happened to the descendants whose title was ripped off and no longer in the family tree? What about them? I know the tree is not fully complete due to the missing link but will the administrator update or include these group of people as well in the future? I understand that some due to “merajuk” have gone to the extend of changing their names just not to be linked with the royal family.

    To the administrator , your kind explanation on such cases will be useful for us – the history lovers.

    Many thanks!

    • Waalaikumssalam. To say that some members of our large family are not included in the family tree or having a title “ripped off” (can you please cite us an example?) is a misconception. True, that the family tree issued by the Pejabat Sultan may not include every single person (take the family of my mother for example, who was the direct descendant of the 16th Sultan). Bearing in mind the history of the Perak Sultanate for the past 500-odd years had been tumultous at times with family/political strife (seen in any royal family, may it be in the Islamic caliphate or kings of England), some descendants of earlier rulers are not formally included in the list.

      If you look at works done by many members of the royal family on their own salasilah, you will see every one is included. To combine every single family’s salasilah is a major undertaking (as is seen from the work done by YM Raja Nur Jannah). At the end of the day, kalau tengok salasilah mana2 pun, pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak – we are all related!


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  11. Salam. Saya berminat untuk menyimpan gambar dan salasilah Raja Ngah Mansur ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah dan keluarga untuk simpanan dan pengetahuan keluarga saya. Saya cicit kepada Raja Mahadi dan anak saudara kepada the late Raja Mahyan bt Raja Sulaiman. Thank you.

    • Boleh saya tahu adakah Raja Rohani ini adalah cucu kepada Raja Musa bin Raja Mahadi. Kalau sudi saya ingin berhubungan dengan Raja Rohani.

    • salam, nama saya Raja Sulaiman (Engku yang) B. Raja Haji Mat Isa (Engku Isa) B. Raja Ismail (Engku Embun) B. Raja Kelana saya berminat mencari salah silah keluarga saya, Untuk pengetahuan Ayah saya meninggal dunia pada umur 80 tahun pada 2008, Kami dikatakan keturunan dari Selangor berbangsa Melayu Bugis, Tetapi tidak pasti kesahihannya kerana tidak sempat bertanya lanjut dari Allahyarham Ayah…Kakak Ayah saya iaitu Raja Teh (Engku Teh) Bt. Raja Ismail Berkahwin dengan Raja Ham dari keturunan Raja Perak. Datok saya Raja Ismail dikatakan datang dari Selangor dan berhijrah ke Bagan Datoh, Saya juga difahamkan Ayah saya dengan Raja Hitam yang telah berhijrah ke London juga bersaudara.

      Saya juga mempunyai adik beradik yang bernama
      Raja Hawa
      Raja Salwa
      Raja Norhayati (engku yong)
      Raja Noraini (engku nyah)
      Raja Sulaiman (engku yang)
      Raja Azlan (engku alang)
      Raja Normah.Meningal Dunia.
      Raja Ridzuan (engku uda)
      Raja Norazizah (engku chik)
      Raja Norfitri (engku su)
      Raja Al-mahadi (enku ucu)

      Pada sesiapa yang ada maklumat boleh kongsi kepada saya ye…
      di email rajasulaiman25@yahoo.com

  12. Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhd Shah II ada anak bernama Raja Maheran @ Tengku Sari berkahwin dgn cilawangi ‘6 generasi’ keatas saya iaitu Sultan Amaluddin Al-Sani.

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  14. A page that needs to amended too.
    So which Raja Tipah married Raja Daud of Selangor?

    Btw, I am no royalty. Just fascinated with the many versions of history.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

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