The Perak Royal Family and music

Among those gifted:

1. DYMM Sultan Idris Shah. Almarhum Tuanku’s favourite instrument was the saxophone (displayed at Muzium DiRaja Kuala Kangsar). He also had a band called Orkes RiShah, named after his initials Raja Idris Shah.


Sultan Idris Shah's Orkes RiShah. In the photo are Ku Lah (in the black tux) and DYTM Raja Muda Ahmad Siffuddin. (Photo: Raja Royani Raja Ahmad Sifuddin)

Almarhum Tuanku Sultan Idris Shah had composed a song titled Namamu di Bibir Ku for Jamal Abdillah.


You can listen to Almarhum Tuanku’s composition for Jamal Abdillah  here.

2. YAM Raja Shahruzzaman ibni al-Marhum Sultan Idris Shah is the son of Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah who sings and plays bass guitar in MCOBand which he founded in 2001.

Ku Shah and his Fender Precision. (Source:

Check out MCOBand, and specifically YAM Raja Shahruzzaman’s vocal prowess, below:

3. YM Raja Kobat Salehuddin bin Raja Muda Musa. A singer as well as composer to many artistes including Allahyarham Sudirman, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, Noraniza Idris and Sharifah Aini.

Raja Kobat

Raja Kobat's debut album 'Sebuah Lamunan'.

A reflection of a composer-lyricist:


Photo: Sent via MMS by Raja Kobat Salehuddin

Note: YAM Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain (Raja Kecil Sulong) and YAM Raja Jamil Arifin ibni al-Marhum Sultan Idris Shah are also musically inclined.


5 thoughts on “The Perak Royal Family and music

  1. Salam,
    I guess music & art is in the family’s blood. I’ve personally had the privilege to play with the sons of Almarhum Tuanku mentioned in the article. We jammed at Ku Nain’s place in Ipoh about 10 years ago, preparing for Tuanku Ampuan Mazwin’s birthday. They’re talented musicians. Ku Nain showed me Almarhum’s personal compositions (stacks of them!) in notation and also his saxes, wanted me to rearrange or orchestrate them.
    Many of our family members are also professional musicians, met some of them. Should set up a royal orchestra or something, or at least a database of Perak’s royal musicians.

  2. From the Sultan Abdullah’s side, my dad remembered as a child, seeing his grand-aunt YM Raja Nuteh bt Sultan Abdullah playing beautifully on the piano, despite significant deformities in both hands – one piece that stood out was her playing “The Blue Danube”. Sultan Abdullah’s sons like Raja Sir Chulan and Raja Mansur played the violin, and my granddad, Raja Kamaralzaman, also played the violin and the piano.

    One tale my dad recounted to me over breakfast this morning was a time when my granddad played the violin whilst Tok Minah (YM Raja Amina, sister to Tok Nuteh) played the piano. Tok Minah’s husband, Raja Alang Ismara, joined in the jam session, but could only play ‘percussions’ on my granddad’s violin case whilst attempting to whistle – POORLY :D. He was going ‘fufufufuf..’ … and my dad and my aunt as kids used to call him Tok Alang Fufu Tok Alang Paku.

  3. I recall, my late uncle Ayah Tak (Raja Dato’ Ahmad Tajuddin) telling me that he used to serenade the late Almarhum Sultan Yussuf by playing the piano. Almarhum Tuanku would then tell Ayah Tak, “ambik upah kamu dalam poket seluwo aku”.

    Ayah Tak has no formal music background. He plays by his memory. Every time he visits us (kalau dia ada mood) he would play our all time favourite, WIDURI.

    I was also made to understand that my late auntie, Ah (Raja Halihah Razman) also plays the piano

    IZU – SembangKuala

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