Official cars of Raja Bergelar Perak


Photo: Raja Fauziah Raja Harun Al Rashid

In the photo: DYTM Raja Muda Musa (rightmost) & DYAM Raja Di-Hilir Ahmad Hisham (second right) with the Raja Muda’s Mercedes-Benz 300 (the 1950s analogue to the current S-class).


Photo: Raja Fauziah Raja Harun Al Rashid

DYMM Sultan Idris Shah when he was Raja Bendahara.


Photo: Raja Shahriman

DYAM Raja Jaafar Raja Muda Musa (Raja diHilir) in the RDH’s Bentley.


2 thoughts on “Official cars of Raja Bergelar Perak

  1. Salam engku2 editor sembang Kuala,

    The first photo, which one is Raja Idris Shah? I can see Raja Muda Musa (1st from right) next to him is Raja Hisham (later Raja DiHilir). Almarhum Ayahanda saya use to have an official car just like that during the early sixty.. ?…

    Ku Muz-Lumut

    • Thanks so much for highlighting. As correctly pointed out, yes, Sultan Idris was not in the pic. Was told that when Sultan Idris was the Raja Muda, he used to drive this car (Mercedes 300) and sometimes to Ku Nick’s place. Maybe (correct us if we are wrong) the car was passed on to ayahanda Ku Muz and the photo was taken after 1963. In the mean time, we will verify this and we have changed the heading of the post accordingly. Thanks Ku Muz again for pointing out this. Appreciate it!

      Patik2 Sembang Kuala

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