Excerpt from the Perak Council Minutes, 26 October 1882

Present in the meeting were:

  1. The Regent of Perak
  2. The Resident
  3. Raja Dris
  4. The Temenggong
  5. The Kadzi

Excerpt from section 7 of the minute:

“The Resident represent to the Council that applications have recently been made for pensions by applications claiming to be WARIS PERAK, and as such having a right to be provided for by the revenues of the State…  

“…The Resident, however advises, as the question is always cropping up, that the Council should place on record the names of all persons who can claim, as members of the royal family, to be WARIS PERAK. H.E. the Governor had recorded in a minute that he thought the time had arrived for making such provision for the Rajas as would prevent their regretting the former state of things…

“… H.H. The Regent then submits the following list for submission to H.E. Governor:”

special allowances

The foregoing list is believed to contain the names of all those who can claim to be WARIS PERAK in the direct male line.

Note: ‘Children of Raja Dris’ section –  Raja Abdul Hamid is Ku Nick’s father, and the great grandfather of the SembangKuala editors.

per mensem = monthly


2 thoughts on “Excerpt from the Perak Council Minutes, 26 October 1882

  1. It is interesting to note the Council Meeting of 11th November 1882 as well – ” H.H. the Regent in the same letter informs the Resident that Raja Hussain, son of Raja Ngah Putra, and grandson of a Raja bendahara, being of true blood ought with his three children to be included in the pension list. The Resident replies that he has never before heard of this Raja, and that as the pension list is now so large he doubts the propriety of adding to it. Raja Dris, however, recommends the grant of a pension of $10 per mensem, and the Regent again presses for this allowance”. Raja Dris and the Regent were later Sultan Idris I and Sultan Yusuf Sharifuddin, respectively. This note is of significance to those who wish to understand the “missing” lineage of the !^th Sultan of Perak.

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