The ladies-in-waiting in the court of the Perak sultan

A lady-in-waiting is a female personal assistant at a noble court, attending to a queen, a princess or other noblewoman. A lady-in-waiting is often a noblewoman of lower rank (i.e., a lesser noble) than the one she attends to, and is not considered a servant. Their duties varied from court to court. -wikipedia

The Sultan’s wife’s ladies-in-waiting are titled:

  • Seri Nara Suri
  • Tok Suri
  • Rakna Senari
  • Rakna Wati
  • Kemala Seri
  • Tok  Kesumba
  • Tok Tun
  • Tok Mandu

The Raja Muda’s wife’s ladies-in-waiting are titled:

  • Rakna Muda
  • Rakna Jaya

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