Bibliographical and reference note to the ‘Chiefs of Perak’ category on SembangKuala

The titled dignitaries as mentioned in the posts in this category are:

  • The Bendahara
  • The Orang Kaya Besar
  • The Temenggong
  • The Mentri
  • The Maharaja Lela
  • The Laksamana
  • The Sadika Raja
  • The Panglima Kinta
  • The Panglima Bukit Gantang
  • The Dato’ Bandar
  • The Dato’ Sagor
  • The Imam Paduka Tuan

The reference used is History Part II (Notes on Perak), being part of ‘Papers on Malay Subjects’, by R.J. Wilkinson.  Published by J. Russell for FMS Government Press, 1909.  The copy used for this reference is from the Harvard University, Peabody Museum of Archealogy and Ethnology (1935 shelf copy). This is an academic contribution by GOOGLE DIGITAL (RARE BOOKS SERIES) Preservation Project.

Please note that this a rare book which is no more available publicly and can only be found in certain libraries. The Editors of SembangKuala are posting this ‘historical gem’ in the next few weeks. If any of these posts are used for research, please cite the original source accordingly.

These observations described in the book were made by the Honorable Mr. R.J. Wilkinson as directed by the colonial government of The Federated Malay States.  This book, which includes interviews and from other primary and secondary sources, is one of the finest written material on the Perak Malay subject, mainly concerning the Royal Family and the chiefs of Perak.

The book was written by Wilkinson as being “the primary literature of reference” for the British Government’s administration of Perak. This book also covers some aspects of the adat Raja-Raja Melayu issues, even though not fully elaborated but substantial enough for readers interested in the subject.

We believe the data on all the aforementioned chiefs of Perak was up to date for the time of publication which was circa 1900-1909. SembangKuala welcomes any comments, additional information or other citations to improve on these posts. As stated by Mr Wilkinson in his preface, this publication was meant to ‘clear the air’ on the British intervention in Perak.  Another interesting point is that the British colonial officers stationed in Perak, namely Sir Frank Swettenham, W.E. Maxwell and Wilkinson himself had been keen observers of the Malays and other related issues at that time.  We feel that these three authorities had been pivotal in the recording of our sovereign history in Perak.

The Editors


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