The Sadika Raja

The Orang-Orang Kaya Seri Adika Raja Shahbandar Muda, popularly known as the Sadika Raja, held the upper waters of the Perak river, the position that the Laksamana occupied near the sea. He too, in his own waters, could erect a royal flagstaff and blow the royal trumpet (nafiri). He too was a king in his own place, “the anak Raja di hujung karang or prince of the shallow waters”.  His authority extended from Kuala Temong (above Kuala Kangsar) to the “white cotton tree” that marked the watershed between Perak and Patani.  He enjoyed the ordinary revenues of a feudal chief besides certain tolls ($2 a bahara of tin, and $2 a pikul of rambong and gutta percha*), fines, fees and a capitation tax of 70 gantangs of rice from every household.  His wife was also ranked To’ Puan.

[*]gutta percha – getah perca


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