Raja Zainal Raja Razman (Raja Dam)

ayah dam

(Photo: Raja Oomariah Raja Zainal)

Raja Zainal, fondly known as Ku Dam, was born in 1926. He was a great gentleman of few words.

ayah dam2

(Photo: Raja Oomariah Raja Zainal)

He played the piano and Spanish classical guitar, and for that he was sometimes fondly known as “Dam-el-Razman”.

Ku Dam passed away in 1983.


4 thoughts on “Raja Zainal Raja Razman (Raja Dam)

  1. Ayah Dam’s closest friend was my late grandfather (mother side). They were too close to the extent of sharing a can of sardine during Japanese occupancy (when food was really scarced). Can’t imagine how a can of sardine could feed 2 families. That’s Ayah Dam…. according to my dad, his semangat “setiakawan” tak akan ada orang boleh lawan!

    It was Ayah Dam that gave full recommendations for my dad to marry my mum(siap bagi duit belanja):p

  2. Kalau kat Ipoh….must be Freedom Cafe kut coz arwah my grandfather selalu jumpa dia kat situ. Sekarang Freedom Cafe dah roboh deme besorkan jalan:p


  3. I remember arwah Ayah Dam present kat patek my first Clarks shoes, masa tu my birthday. Only manage to pake kasut tu masa secondary school.


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