Thank you

Today SembangKuala reached its 10,000 visitors mark.

A heartfelt THANK YOU from us to those that made this possible especially Raja Halimah Razman and Raja Harun Al Rashid Razman who are fondly known to us as Auntie Mimi and Ayah Achid @ Ayah Chu respectively. Auntie Mimi is the only surviving daughter of Ku Nick, and she is a curator of sorts for the Razman family.  Throughout the years she has safeguarded many of the family treasures at Rumah Hitam (the mecca of the Razmans).  Believe it or not, she even kept the letters of her late sister, Raja Halijah Razman, fondly known as Ah.  Rumah Hitam still stands erect in Bukit Chandan with many fond memories.

Auntie Mimi

Raja Halimah Razman @ Auntie Mimi

The first few entries of SembangKuala came about based on the stories they tell us and their never tiring initiative of disseminating to us their wealth of information and other artifacts related to the Raja Razman family, as well as other kerabat Perak. Between the three SembangKuala editors, Raja Chulan, being the most senior, has the fortune of being able to share many personal memories of Engku Nick and Bah (Ku Nick’s wife).  This is also our way of saying THANK YOU to our beloved grandfather for all his effort in documenting and organising information on Perak history, especially that of the Perak Royal Family.

It was not an easy task starting a blog on the history of the family related to Almarhum Sultan Idris I.  Alhamdulillah, the neverending contributions, criticism, personal collections, and points of view from our regular contributors helped us touch the 10,000 visitors mark.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ayah Kobat (Raja Kobat Salehuddin Raja Muda Musa), Raja Muzafar Shah Raja Muda Musa, Raja Mohammad Iskandar Raja Halid, Raja Nur Jannah Raja Hirdan, Raja Fauziah Raja Harun Al Rashid and Raja Royani Raja Ahmad Sifuddin for their contribution and guidance.

It is truly a personal achievement to us at SembangKuala. The late nights, the neverending research, looking into volumes of publications and out-of-prints, Googling the world wide web, visiting virtual archives, locating artifacts from foreign museums, locating rare books and photographs were worth the tireless effort.  Insyallah, the editors will strive to present more interesting materials to readers of SembangKuala.

  • First posting – The promise, dated May 26 2009
  • To-date, the total number of posts is 297


3 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Kalau nak makan kuah Tempoyak masak ikan sunge, nobody can beat Auntie Mimi. She’s the best. I guess (as orang Perak cakap) ayor tangan masak dia yang buat the dishes delicious.

    IZU – SembangKuala

  2. auntie Mimi is our most lovable auntie who cares for,not just members of the Razman family but all members of the Perak Royal Family. Being “Keeper of Rumah Hitam” she enjoys playing hostess to all visiting nephews and nieces, and a very good one at that. Good strong memories belies her age. she’s practically the ‘archive’ of the Family which gives us the ‘thrill’ to listen to her yarns. Obviously she inherited this from our beloved gramps Allahyarham Raja ‘Nick’ Razman. Truly the Rumah Hitam testifies to the successes of members of the Razman family, not for their worldly riches but for their flamboyant, humane and good nature, qualities which endeared them to other Royal Household, His Royal Highness The Sultan ahmad Shah of Pahang topping the list. The Rumah Hitam was where I was raised and ‘cultured’ by my beloved Grandma, allahyarhamah Sharifah Hendon, The Task Master who moulded me for what I am today, alhamdulillah. And Tok Kunick )gramps) was always there to console me whenever I was apprehended when I broke a vase or two! May Allah bless them both… amin

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