List of graveyards of the Late Sultans of The State of Perak Der-Ul-Rithuan, enquired and visited by me, Setia Bijaya DiRaja Under instructions received from the Government (Series 1)

Sembangkuala will be publishing a series of the List of Graveyard of all The Late Sultan of Perak till the reign of HRH Sultan Idris 1.  This report was prepared by the late Dato’s Setia Bijaya DiRaja Jeragan Abdul Shukur.  The late Jeragan Abdul Shukur is the grandfather of Wan Abdul Aziz, our co-editor on issues relating to certain “adats” of the Perak Royal Family.  The list will start from Sultan Mothaffar Shah (the first ruler of the Perak State) an ends with Paduka Sri Sultan Yusof Sharif-el-din Mofthal Shah, who was styled as Almerhum Rhafir-Allah.

Paduka Sri Sultan Mothaffar Shah, the first Ruler of the State of Perak was the son of the late Sultan Mahmud Shah, of the State of Kampar, (Sumatra).  His former name was Raja Mothaffar Shah and the length of time he was on the throne is unknown.  The situation of his graveyard is at Tanah Abang, Ayer Mati, in the mukim of Lambor Kanan, Kuala Kangsar District.

His graveyard is on a mound or platform and surrounded by a wall.  His daughter’s grave is on the right of the platform and that of his wife on the left; his “Guru” (religious teacher) named Syed Hussein, is also on his left.  Four graves are on the platform.  His tombstones are beautifully and clearly engraved by Acheen people of former days.  They are broken and cracked.  If this graveyard monument is to be renewed, the “ganti badan” stone (i.e. stone placed over the grave, extending from the head to the feet, to represent the body) should be made and his name to be inscribed on this stone.  His tombstones could be utilised again but the breaks and cracks should be mended with cement.

Shukor, Jeragan. Abdul. (June 1907). Journal of The Straits Branch Royal Asiatic Society (issue 48) , 97-107


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