List of graveyards of the Late Sultans of The State of Perak Der-Ul-Rithuan, enquired and visited by me, Setia Bijaya DiRaja Under instructions received from the Government (Series 2)

2.    Paduka Sri Sultan Mansur Shah, son of the late Sultan Mothaffar Shah. His former name was Raja Mansur, and the length of time he was on the throne is unknown. The situation of this Sultan’s grave is at Kota Lama Kanan, Kuala Kangsar District. The graveyard of this Sultan I asked the elders of Kota Lama Kanan to point out to me; they all informed me that according to stories handed down by their forefathers, this grave is in the Kota Lama Kanan Mosque, under the pulpit. I could not find it at any other place. I brought this matter to the notice of His Highness Sultan Idris, and he told me that it was true that the grave of this Sultan is in the Mosque, as former Sultans, when visiting his grave, used to go to the Mosque. I think that a large tombstone with the name of this Sultan should be made and placed in the Mosque next to the pulpit.

Shukor, Jeragan. Abdul. (June 1907). Journal of The Straits Branch Royal Asiatic Society (issue 48) , 97-107


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