List of graveyards of the Late Sultans of The State of Perak Der-Ul-Rithuan, enquired and visited by me, Setia Bijaya DiRaja Under instructions received from the Government (Series 4)

4.    Paduka Sri Sultan Tajul Ariffin, son of the late Sultan Mansur Shah (Almarhum Kota Lama Kanan). His former name was Raja Ariffin, and the length of his reign is unknown. The grave of this Sultan is on the island of Semat, in the mukim of Senggang, Kuala Kangsar District. This grave is in the land owned by one Anjang Ibrahim. Only one tombstone remains over the grave. I do not think this stone could be further used and therefore both stones should be removed.

Shukor, Jeragan. Abdul. (June 1907). Journal of The Straits Branch Royal Asiatic Society (issue 48) , 97-107


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