The Crow

The Argus pheasant  and the Crow  in the days of King Solomon were bosom friends, and could never do enough to show their mutual friendship. One day, however, the argus- pheasant, who was then dressed somewhat dowdily, suggested that his friend the crow should show his skill with the brush by decorating his (the argus pheasant’s) feathers. To this the crow agreed, on condition, however, that the arrangement should be mutual. The argus -pheasant agreed to this, and the crow forthwith set to work, and so surpassed himself that the argus-pheasant became, as it is now, one of the most beautiful birds in the world. When the crow’s task was done, however, the argus-pheasant refused to fulfil his own part of the bargain, excusing himself on the plea that the day of judgment was too near at hand. Hence a fierce quarrel ensued, at the end of which the argus pheasant upset the inkbottle over the crow, and thus rendered him coal black.  Hence the crow and the argus pheasant are enemies to this day.


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