Previous social custom of the Malays – birth of an Anak Raja (part 2)

When the child wakes up and cries early in the morning about 4 am (dinihari), the women change the tune, and the air they now sing is called tetak keranji. The pantun is:

Tetak kranji buat kan tiang

Burong nuri terbang sa kawan

Naubat berbunyi hari hendak siang

Bangun engku mas tempawan

This is the first verse of about ten. Lagu pengolik is used when putting the baby to sleep (perlenakan tidor). Ketik anak udang seni is the name of another tune which is used when feeding the child with pap (made of rice and sugar). One girl carries the child about and another follows with a sembrib (brass dish) containing the pap with which she feeds the child from time to time. The infant is fed in this way when about 15 days old. The rice is pressed with a coconut shell. The following are the specimens of the song.

Verse 1:

Menggusta nama-nia kayu

Daun-nia luroh menelentang

Mahkota Raja Melayu

Turun dari Bukit Seguntang

Daun-nia luroh menelentang

Daun puau di-raut-raut

Turun dari Bukit Saguntang

Keluar dari dalam laut

Verse 2:

Di-ketik anak udang seni

Di-tangguh di Tanjong kling

Alang-kah chantik anak orang ini Janggut iya menieling

Verse 3:

Ilir deri Selan

Sarat bermuat padi

Puteh seperti bulan

Kening buntoh tanji

The last verse goes:

Landak di terubong

Kijang kena jerat

Pandak kita ubong

Panjang kita kerat

Reference: Secretary TH. Social Customs – Birth Ceremonies in Perak. Journal of the Straits Branch Royal Asiatic Society (JSBRAS). Supp. Notes and Queries. 1886. p76.


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