DYMM Raja Perempuan Taayah and the rakyat jelata


Photo: Raja Shahriman

According to cerita orang-orang tua, Raja Perempuan Taayah’s  life was very simple. It was all about charity (amal jariah).

Apparently, when she mangkat, she only left with few coins in a can (not a CD or Gucci purse, etc). For official functions, she would normally borrow some jewellery from close relatives.

My grandmother (a commoner), until today, keeps saying this, “Raja ‘Puan…punya baik orangnya……Tuhan jer la yang tau!”

According to her, when she was a kid, she used to send kuih-muih (as instructed by Ku Yan of Rumah Merah) to Raja Perempuan Taayah and, without fail, Tuanku would either make a cup of tea herself, or handed her 5 cents as upah.

Raja Shahriman Raja Harun Al Rashid, editor


5 thoughts on “DYMM Raja Perempuan Taayah and the rakyat jelata

  1. My dad recalled a story about when my granddad was made RDH Pk in 1948. My step-grandma, Cik Puan Muda Choot Abdullah, was with him, and Raja Perempuan Taayah asked my granddad, “Namanya siapa?”, in reference to the Cik Puan Muda.

    Granddad: “Choot.”
    Raja Perempuan Taayah: “Choot aje?”
    Granddad (obviously flabbergasted, but thankfully thinking on his feet): “Choot Rubiah*”.

    [*]Che’ Rubiah was a well-known singer in the 40s from Indonesia/?Singapore.

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