Malay titles in Ulu Perak

“The Malay Saiyids in the North of Perak claims to be descendent from the guru of the first Sultan, Sheikh Hussein Bin Jamaluddin, who came from Hadramaut. The daughter of a Saiyid in Ulu Perak has the title of Siti, and her son, by a man not a Saiyid, is addressed as Mir, evidently a corruption of the Arabic amir*. Megat is a title given to a man who is of royal descent on his mother’s side, his father being a commoner. I have elsewhere suggested the possible derivation of this word from Magadha (sanskrit), the son of a Vaeiya by a Kshatriya woman. The sons of Megat bear the same title, his daughters are called Putri. The son of a Putri by a man below her in rank is addressed as Pra Tun. The children of the four Chiefs of the first rank, and their descendants, have the title of Wan.”

[*]The English word Admiral is, probably, derived from the Arabic amiru-l-bahr, Lord of the Sea.

Reference: Maxwell W (ed). Notes and Queries. Malaysian Branch Royal Asiatic Society (MBRAS) Reprint 15. 1997. p83.


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