The Ipoh Club in 1906

(as reviewed by Arnold Wright)

Further to our previous posting on Royal Ipoh Club, we now post a review of the club written in 1906.

“The Ipoh Club is situated on a rise looking southwards across the recreation ground seven and a half acres in area. The recreation ground is used for football, cricket, tennis and croquet; and the club premises include bar, billiard, card, reading, bath and dressing rooms. There is also a theatre hall in which concerts and performances of the Kinta Amateur Dramatic Club frequently take place. For the convenience of the motorists a motor garage of considerable size has been provided. The site of the club buildings and of the recreation ground is gazetted as a Government Reserve to be maintained by the Club. The buildings at present are rather disconnected and the Government are being requested to grant the club a more definite title to the land in order that the committee may erect a building more worthy of the commercial centre of Perak. The Ipoh Club is one of the very few clubs in the Federated Malay States in which government officials do not form the majority of attending members. By its constitution, the management of the club is vested in a committee of nine members, eight of whom are elected at a general meeting of the club. The District Officer of Kinta is ex-officio, president. The notice boards of the club are always full of intimations of forthcoming gymkhanas, football, hockey, cricket, tennis and golf matches, and a notice relating to some steeplechase seems never to be absent.

Cricket at the Padang. (Source: Royal Ipoh Club)

“There are about 500 members of the club, and there are also many visiting members. The club is in a very flourishing condition and only needs better accommodation to make it one of the best clubs in the peninsula. The office bearers are Messrs J. Brewster, President; J. H. Tallock, Vice-President; A.B. McLennan, Hon. Secretary; T.G.D. Cooper, L.M. Woodward, J.I. Philips, R. Reid, S. Martin and F. Wickett, committee; and Mr. A.H. Richards, Secretary.”

For the original posting on Royal Ipoh Club, please click HERE.

Wright, A. (. (1906). Twentieth Century Impressions of British Malaya: Its History, People, Commerce, Industries and Resources. Great Britain: Lloyd’s Greater Britain Publishing Company, Ltd.


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