A long-winded tale

by Raja Mahariz Raja Muzaffar

Oh, kerabat Raja Perak. Balik Kuala la raya nanti? By the way, kenal tak…

We get that a lot, especially after introductions revealing our first names. Not all Perak Rajas live in Kuala. On my dad’s side, most of them are Taiping-based. Another remark I get from some people is where I was in line to the throne of Perak. It is a laughable notion, and my answer was along the lines of the freak accident you saw in the film, King Ralph.

If you look at the Perak royal family genealogy, there was no male heir apparent after the death of the ninth Sultan in 1635 – thus, the descendants of the Malaccan Sultanate in Perak ended. With the blessings of the Raja of Acheh, a Johor prince was made the tenth sultan, Sultan Muzaffar Shah II in 1636. Due to the unique heir system adopted by Perak, a prince doesn’t have to be the son of a Sultan to be made one. For example, if you look at the recent Perak Sultans ruling in the 20th century, the son of a Raja Bendahara or Raja Kechil Tengah (in the case of my great-great-great grandfather, Sultan Jaafar Muazzam Shah) can be installed as Sultan.

Backtrack to the late 18th century, there was a conflict amongst the Perak Rajas in the years subsequent to the death of the sixteenth Sultan of Perak, HRH Sultan Mahmud Shah, who had a pivotal role in the installation of Raja Lumu as the first Sultan of Selangor. After the death of HRH Sultan Ahmaddin Shah, the eighteenth sultan of Perak, Sultan Mahmud’s grandson, Raja Bendahara Mahmud ibni Raja Muda Ibrahim, who was in line to the throne, refused to recognise the succession of Raja Malik, the son of the deceased Sultan. This refusal effectively split perak into two, with hulu perak being his stronghold. The conflict ended after Raja Bendahara Mahmud’s demise, but no descendant of Sultan Mahmud was ever appointed as sultan since. Further descendants of Sultan Mahmud would later on hold positions of pembesar daerah or penghulu, as it was common to have members of the royal family hold office in the running of smaller enclaves. one such pembesar daerah that was a descendant of Sultan Mahmud was my great-grandfather, Raja Mahadi ibni almarhum Raja Hussain, on my late mom’s side, during the reign of HRH Sultan Idris Murshidul Azam Shah in the late 19th century. My grandfather, Raja Sulaiman, was penghulu of Kampung Raja near Changkat Jering in Taiping.

[Like this convoluted entry so far?]

The point is, the Perak royal family is immensely large. If you take the descendants of Sultan Mahmud Shah, which is my late mom’s side of the family, the number is huge enough. And not forgetting my dad’s side of the family. And how many Sultans have Perak had? Thirty four, each with its descendants. so, the chances of me being it (a very unlikely yet interesting idea, nonetheless)? You do the maths.

1. The Office of DYMM Sultan of Perak official website.
2. Raja Azaham Raja Adnan. “KETURUNAN RAJA MAHADI”. In: http://www.facebook.com/no te.php?note_id=48591273957
3. Sembangkuala, eds. Raja Chulan, Raja Yusuf Izzudin and Raja Shahriman.

Raja Mahariz bin Raja Muzaffar is the grandson of DYAM Raja Kamaralzaman (Raja DiHilir: 1948-1962). The original entry can be seen here, and is reproduced on SembangKuala with prior permission.


24 thoughts on “A long-winded tale

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  2. The lineage of the 16th Sultan is unfairly discontinued in the Perak sultanate succession and should be rectified immediately. If not, there will be a grave injustice being perpetuated zaman berzaman. The decendents of Raja Mahadi on the male side are very much alive if anybody care to research and this line is a more senior line with a few Raja Bendaharas, a Raja muda and a Yang DiPertuan Muda over a number of generations after the 16th sultan. Sultans yusuf Sharifuddin and Idris I had acknowledged this line as being of “true blood” in an 1882 Perak Council minutes which ultimately approved a pension to be given to Raja Hussein, father of Raja Mahadi. By the way, my father is Raja Halid bin Raja Berima bin Raja Mahadi bin Raja Hussein bin Raja Bendahara Ngah Putra bin Raja Bendahara Radin bin Raja Bendahara Mahmud bin Raja Bendahara Ibrahim ibni Sultan Muhammad Shah (Sultan Perak ke16).

  3. For those keen to track our familial relatIonship, Raja Berima bin Raja Mahadi, my grandpa, married Raja Rabeah bt Raja Kulop Muhammad. So the two 16th and 18th decendents met in marriage and so are many others, I am sure.

  4. Raja kulop Muhammad (Raja Muhammad Iskandar) is the eldest son of Raja Bendahara Alang Iskandar @ Marhuim Teja. But somehow his younger brother, Raja Idris became Raja Bergelar and later the Sultan of Perak.

    Except for Raja Perempuan Kelsom who got married to Sultan Iskandar, other descendents of Raja Kulop Muhammad are quite ‘overshadowed’ and lost contact with each other. Perhaps a get-together is necessary to re-connect this family.

    My mother is Raja Rehan bt Raja Yaacob* bin Raja Kulop Muhammad.

    Raja Yaacob was married to Raja Nor Muhidayah bt Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid ibni Sultan Idris 1.


  5. Actually, Raja Kulop Muhammad was a very influential elder brother to Sultan idris I. This was shown when two of his daughters, Raja Mardhiah (Bah Li) and Raja Kalsom married Sultan Abdul Jalil and Sultan Iskandar, sons of Sultan Idris I, respectively. These are marriages of first cousins. Raja mardhiah apparently was not titled but Raja Kalsom was the Raja perempuan of Perak. And his son, Raja Ismail married a daughter of a Sultan. It would be nice if anyone can corroborate this and add on more information. Raja Yaacob or “Tok Alang” as we call him, was the elder brother to my grandma, Raja Rabeah (Raja Nonek) who was the yougest sibling of Raja Kulop Muhammad.

  6. If someone could shed more light on the life and times and more crucially, provide photos, of YM Raja Kulop Muhammad, my great grandfather.

  7. “The lineage of the 16th Sultan is unfairly discontinued in the Perak sultanate succession…”

    thus, the problem, if you want to call it that, in the unique system we have in perak. unlike other royal families in which you roughly have a father-to-son system in naming the heir apparent, the perak heir system is convoluted. also, rightly or wrongly, politics amongst the families comes into the equation. speaking for my myself, when my great-great-granddad, HRH sultan abdullah, became sultan, he did it via political means (the pangkor treaty as we all know) by getting british aid, despite holding a raja muda title! as you can see from my attempt in summarising the events following the death of sultan mahmud, politics amongs the perak rajas was rife. and that was the 16th sultan. now we have a total of 34, and i shudder to think how many kerabat perak there are now. in the thousands, i daresay, and to determine who should be made what will be somewhat impossible.

  8. Following are some inputs on family of Raja Muhammad Iskandar @ Raja Kulop Muhammad.

    Wife1: Raja Puteh Hawa
    1. Raja Ismail x Raja Puteh Aishah bt Sultan Abdullah
    2. Raja Mardhiah x Sultan Abdul Jalil
    3. Raja Lop Sulaiman

    Wife2: Raja Sofiah bt Raja Pandak Ibrahim (died 1943)
    1. Raja Perempuan Kelsom (1901-1972) x 1. Sultan Iskandar
    x 2. Tengku Adlan Adil

    2. Raja Ishak x Raja Noruyun bt Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid

    3. Raja Yaacob (1904-1990) x 1.Raja Nor Muhidayah bt Raja Bendahara Abdul Rashid; x 2. Hajjah Aluyah bt Alang Ishak

    4. Raja Ali x 1. Raja Badariah bt Raja Ngah Jaafar; x 2. Badariah

    5. Raja Rabeah x Raja Berima bin Raja Mahadi

    Wife3: Cik Asiah
    1. Raja Nandak


  9. Excellent input from YM Raja Nur Jannah. Betullah dua daripada anakanda Raja Kulop Muhammad married two sultans. Raja Mardhiah married Sultan Abdul jalil and Raja Kelsom married Sultan Iskandar.

  10. On the issue of succession, despite its inherent weaknesses, it has been quite “democratic” and seemingly balanced. The general idea is for the descendents of certain brothers to inherit the throne as fairly as possible and hopefully the more qualified ones are chosen. There has been a lot of accomodating and face-saving mechanisms created along the way. Thats why you see many younger brothers ascending the throne as in the cases of Sultan Idris I and Sultan Azlan, whom I supposed were deemed more capable and qualified than their elder brothers. And also many titled Rajas are not offspring of Sultans but deemed qualified enough to be considered for succession as in the cases of Sultan Idris I, Raja Dihilirs Musa and Jaafar etc. The current titled Rajas are descendent of the 18th Sultan Ahmaddin and no matter how you spin it, the Ahmaddin family is well represented be it through the Sultan Abdullah, Jalil or Iskandar clans.

  11. ..So unlike the “father-to-son” system, the Perak system is more “open and democratic” allowing for many to “try their luck”. But with any democratic system, there is bound to be a lot of politicking and lobbying. And one of the major forces at play then was the British as in the case of Sultan Abdullah (versus Sultan Ismail). But all in all, it has been quite stable and accepted and has stood the test of time.

  12. Thank you Engku Mahariz Muzaffar for your compliment but I must thank you more for starting this section and the growing interest generated by it. Well done Engku….it is also interesting to note that you are a descendent of the 16th sultan Mahmud, whose importance and lineage, although being part of the Perak royal geneological tree, is fast being forgotten over time. It would be helpful if somebody could retrace and draw up a more complete picture of the 16th Sultan’s geneological tree for all to see. If this is done well, we will have quite a complete picture of the Perak Royal Family tree covering both the surviving 16th and 18th Sultans’ decendents to this day….insyaAllah

  13. engku mufik, if you have fbook, here’s a link to an entry by my cousin, raja azaham raja adnan, who was the curator for the taiping museum: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=48591273957

    last raya, he told me that he is looking at the salasilah and is apparently doing some work on it, esp. with the errors seen in the genealogy on royalark.com. if you don’t have fbook, the brief salasilah from almarhum sultan mahmud is as follows:
    DYMM Sultan Mahmud Shah, 16th sultan of Perak (1765-1773) –> Raja Ibrahim ibn Sultan Mahmud Shah, Raja Muda (1773-1786) –> Raja Mahmud Raja Ibrahim, Raja Bendahara (1787-1815) –> Raja Radin Raja Mahmud, Raja Bendahara (1826) –> Raja Ngah Putra Raja Radin (1840s) –> Raja Hussain Raja Ngah Putra (1860s) –> Raja Mahadi Raja Hussain, Justice of the Peace (1880s) –> [Raja Sulaiman –> Raja Maharum (mom) –> me 😀 ]

  14. Thank you Engku Mahariz for the kind referral to your cousin Raja Azaham. Hope to get in touch with him sometime, though I am not on any fbook yet. On Raja Mahadi, it would be interesting if we could get a hold on documents relating to his appointment of as a Justice of Peace in the 1880s. He must have contributed a lot to the State to be given such an honour in those days. I think Muzium Negara should take steps to research and honour this man.

  15. Salam

    Maaf kalau saya menggunakan bahasa Melayu. Patik juga berasal dari keturunan sebelah pihak tanah daripada DYMM Sultan Mahmud Shah II (Sultan Perak ke16, 1665-1773). Moyang perempuan patik bernama Raja Andak Amas bt. Raja Bendahara Mahmud (Marhum Sayong) ibn Raja Ibrahim (Raja Kechil Muda) ibn Sultan Mahmud Shah II.

    Raja Andak Amas berkahwin dengan Raja Ismail bin Raja Abdul Rahman (Raja Kechil Sulong) ibn Sultan Alauddin Mansur Iskandar Muda (Sultan Perak ke-17). Mereka dianugerahkan 2 orang anak iaitu:

    1. Raja Idris (Raja Kechil Sulong) bin Raja Ismail. Beliau berkahwin dengan Raja Long Siak bt. Tengku Besar Muda Abdul Rahman, Siak.

    2. Raja Banun bt. Raja Ismail. Beliau berkahwin dengan Raja Ngah Makah b. Daeng Peratis. Patik berasal daripada zuriat ini.

    • maaf nak bertanya..raja long siak bukan kah anakanda sultan ismail (marhum skudai) dan tengku besar muda abdul rahman siak adalah ayahanda sultan ismail

  16. Sumbangan KuAdley amat menarik sekali. Kalau dapat dipanjangkan dengan carta salasilah, tentu akan lebih jelas dan menarik lagi…syabas…

  17. Salam takzim kepada YM Raja Mufik Affandi bin Raja Khalid

    Pertama sekali patik sekeluarga ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin kepada Ku Mufik Affandi.

    Patik dah usahakan salasilah keluarga patik itu dalam thread Sembang Kuala ni (kalau tak silap dalam thread Sultan Mahmud Shah II), mohon Ku Mufik Affandi lihat dan teliti maklumat salasilah keluarga patik dalam thread tersebut. Untuk pengetahuan Ku Mufik Affandi, patik sekarang sedang giat menyusun salasilah Kesultanan Perak dengan bantuan Raja Ali bin Raja Amran (my 7th cousin) serta Raja Nur Jannah bt. Raja Hirdan (also my 7th cousin). Patik juga amat berharap agar Ku Mufik Affandi dapat menghubungi patik melalui email dan telefon bimbit patik supaya dapat patik lengkapkan salasilah keturunan Raja Bendahara Mahmud (Marhum Sayong) ibn Raja Ibrahim ibn Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Shah II. Berikut alamat email patik – ibn_baharudin@yahoo.co.uk atau my handphone number – 019-5611794.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

  18. Patik, Raja Adley Paris Ishkandar Shah bin Raja Baharudin berasal daripada cucu cicit DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Mahmud Shah ibn Almarhum Sultan Muhammad Shah Aminullah “Marhum Muda di Pulau Besar Indera Mulia” (Sultan Perak ke-16, memerintah 1764-1773) dan Sultan Alauddin Mansur Shah Iskandar Muda (Sultan Perak ke-17, memerintah 1773-1786).

    Nenek moyang patik bernama YM Raja Andak Amas bt. Raja Bendahara Mahmud “Marhum Sayong di Pasir Panjang”. YM Raja Andak Amas berkahwin dengan YM Raja Ismail bin Raja Abdul Rahman (Raja Kechil Sulong) ibn Almarhum Sultan Alauddin Mansur Shah Iskandar Muda “Marhum Sulong” (Sultan Perak ke-17).

    Hasil daripada perkahwinan moyang patik itu melahirkan dua orang anak, iaitu:

    1. YM Raja Idris bin Raja Ismail (Raja Kechil Sulong)
    2. YM Raja Banun bt. Raja Ismail.

    YM Raja Banun bt. Raja Ismail ini berkahwin dengan seorang raja berketurunan Bugis Bone, iaitu YM Raja Ngah Makah bin Engku Daeng Peratis. Mereka dianugerahkan 8 orang cahaya mata, iaitu:

    1. YM Raja Omar bin Raja Ngah Makah.

    2. YM Raja Rafeah bt. Raja Ngah Makah.

    3. YM Raja Abdul Jalil bin Raja Ngah Makah.

    4. YM Raja Ali bin Raja Ngah Makah. Beliau berkahwin dengan YM Raja Noteh Hawa bt. Raja Abdul Latif ibn Almarhum Raja Daud (Raja Kechil Besar) bin Almarhum Raja Ali ibn Almarhum Raja Bendahara Mahmud ibn Raja Ibrahim (Raja Kechil Muda) ibn Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Shah (Marhum Muda).

    5. YM Raja Aminah bt. Raja Ngah Makah.

    6. YM Raja Halijah bt. Raja Ngah Makah.

    7. YM Raja Aishah bt. Raja Ngah Makah (m. 1938 di Teluk Intan, Perak). Beliau berkahwin dengan moyang lelaki patik, YM Toh Seri Indera Jaya Raja Shahbudin bin Raja Dagang bin Tengku Busu, Siak “Orang Besar 16″ (1875?-26 Nov 1959). Hasil daripada perkahwinan ini melahirkan 6 orang cahaya mata, iaitu:

    a) YM Raja Yong Arba’ayah bt. Toh Seri Indera Jaya Raja Shahbudin. Beliau berkahwin dengan YM Raja Kamaral Bahrain bin Raja Hj. Yahya (Penghulu Chenderiang) ibn Raja Muhammad Ali ibn Raja Alang Syed Hussain (zuriat DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Sultan Iskandar Zulkarnain “Marhum Kahar” – Sultan Perak ke-15)

    b) YM Raja Hj. Yeop Shaharuddin bin Toh Seri Indera Jaya Raja Shahbudin. Beliau berkahwin dengan YM Raja Halimah bt. Raja Chik Abdul Hamid ibn Engku Imam Paduka Tuan Raja Hj. Yahya ibn Raja Daud [Tengku Busu] ibn Tengku Besar Muda Abdul Rahman, Siak.

    c) YM Raja Lope Zainuddin bin Toh Seri Indera Jaya Raja Shahbudin (Penghulu mukim Teja). Beliau berkahwin dengan Hjh. Puteh bt. Ahmad (opah patik). Hasil perkahwinan ini melahirkan 9 orang cahaya mata, iaitu:

    i. YM Raja Adzhar b. Raja Lope Zainuddin
    ii. YM Raja Baharudin b. Raja Lope Zainuddin (ayahanda patik)
    iii. YM Raja Shahrome b. Raja Lope Zainuddin.
    iv. YM Mej (B) Raja Kamaruzzaman b. Raja Lope Zainuddin.
    v. YM Raja Maheran bt. Raja Lope Zainuddin.
    vi. YM Raja Azman b. Raja Lope Zainuddin.
    vii YM Raja Shahriman b. Raja Lope Zainuddin.
    viii. YM Raja Dr. Zaitun bt. Raja Lope Zainuddin.
    ix. YM Raja Izham bt. Raja Lope Zainuddin

    d) YM Raja Mi Arbiah bt. Toh Seri Indera Jaya Raja Shahbudin. Beliau berkahwin dengan YM Raja Lope Shaharuddin bin Raja Muhammad (Penghulu Matang).

    e) YM Raja Teh Saodah bt. Toh Seri Indera Jaya Raja Shahbudin. Beliau berkahwin dengan YM Raja Hj. Jaafar.

    f) Y. Bhg. M. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Raja Ahmad Noordin al-Haj bin Toh Seri Indera Jaya Raja Shahbudin. Beliau berkahwin dengan Y. Bhg. Puan Sri Datin Seri Hjh Saliah bt. Hj. Abd. Wahab.

    g) YM Raja Kamaruddin bin Toh Seri Indera Jaya Raja Shahbudin. Beliau berkahwin dengan YM Raja Zaharah bt. Raja Azid bin Raja Alang Ismara bin Raja Ngah Jaafar bin Raja Chik Usman bin Raja Hj. Ahmad [Engku Haji Tua Riau] ibn Almarhum Raja Haji [Yang Dipertuan Muda Riau ke-4 – “Marhum Teluk Ketapang’] ibn Almarhum Opu Daeng Chellak [Yang Dipertuan Muda Riau 2 – “Marhum Kota”] ibn Almarhum Opu Tendriburang Daeng Rilaka ibn La Maddusila, raja Tanah Bugis Luwuk.

    Diharapkan Ku Mufik Affandi dapat meneliti salasilah keluarga patik ini.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

  19. As salam. Dalam geran tanah allahyarham datuk saya Haji Mohamad bin Sheikh Abdullah di Changkat Jering ada tertulis tuan punya tanah asal adalah Raja Mahdi Raja Hussin. Kemudiannya dipindahkan ke Mehat bin asri.

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