The Perak Sultanate after the Almarhum Sultan Sallehuddin

As written by Raja Mahariz bin Raja Muzaffar in the article titled A long-Winded Tale,  there was no male heir apparent after the death of the ninth Perak sultan, Almarhum Sultan Sallehuddin, in 1635 – thus, the descendants of the Malaccan Sultanate in Perak ended. With the blessings of the Raja of Acheh, a Johor prince was made the tenth sultan, Sultan Muzaffar Shah II in 1636.

The whole episode began at the end of Sultan Sallehuddin’s reign(1630-1635), whereby cholera broke out and hundreds of people died all along the Perak river. Sultan Sallehuddin betook himself to Kampar, Sumatra where he died and known as Marhum Mangkat di-Kampar.

With the death of the ninth Sultan and with so many members of the Ruling House having fallen victims to the cholera epidemic, no suitable candidate could be found to succeed to the Sultanate. Therefore, Perak had to appeal to Sultan Iskandar Thani of Acheh under suzerainty Perak then was. The Sultan of Acheh sent Raja Sulong, son of Raja Mahmud of Kampar and grandson of Raja Ali Al-Ajali of Johor. Raja Sulong’s mother was Tun Kechil daughter of Tun Isap Misai Bendahara Seri Maharaja of Johor. Raja Sulong was installed as Sultan Mudzaffar Shah II in 1636.

[Reference: Buku Chenderamata: Adat Istiadat Pertabalan DYMM Sultan Idris Shah (1963)]


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