A game of golf with DYMM Tuanku Sultan Ahmad Shah


From left: Raja Dato' Shahabuddin Razman, DYMM Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, the late Dato' Ibrahim, Raja Dato' Lope Razman. (Photo courtesy of Raja Dato' Lope Razman)

DYMM Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah of Pahang was in the Malay College with Raja Dato’ Shahabuddin Razman in the late 1940s.


One thought on “A game of golf with DYMM Tuanku Sultan Ahmad Shah

  1. “AyahAtan” is what he is fondly referred to or call by his nieces and nephews..”Dato Jumbo”..by his mates..if I’m not wrong when he was a student in MCKK he was nicknamed as “terung” for reasons that I am not sure of myself but to me and my other siblings he will remain and always is our “Pak”..the man himself is unique..though he has what we say a temper,yes he is a ‘hot temper’ guy,deep down he has a heart of gold..Im not being bias,its true..my father Raja Atan(this is what HRH Sultan of Pahang calls him)is the most generous and kind hearted person that i have ever met..if he has just about 50rm in his wallet and someone needs money,he would just give it to the person without a second thought..He knows how to enjoy life..i would say he lives life to the max and childish as this may sound..he is the best father and we,his children are the lucky ones..

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