Raja Kamaralzaman (Raja Di-Hilir) bin Raja Mansur


Raja Kamaralzaman is seen seated in the middle of the photograph (6th from the right).

According to Arkib Negara Malaysia, this group photo of Raja Kamaralzaman in Parit Buntar was taken in 1918 when he was a ?District Officer, aged 26 years old.

[Note: Could anybody identify which one is Raja Kamaralzaman, please? Raja Mahariz…help!]

2 thoughts on “Raja Kamaralzaman (Raja Di-Hilir) bin Raja Mansur

  1. easy – seated 5th from left, the man in the songkok and baju melayu. not the belang2 one!

    if this was 1918, this means he was then in the Malay Administrative Service. typical outcome of a Koleq boy in those days!

    and no, i’ve never seen this photo before!

    • That’s prompt….and we know that we can count on you! Thanks Mahariz. BTW, if not mistaken, the original photo belongs to ur Auntie, Toh Puan Raja Teh.

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