Dato Setia Bijaya DiRaja Jeragan Abdul Shukor

Dato’ Setia Bijaya DiRaja Jeragan Abdul Shukor. (Source: Google Images)

Jeragan Abdul Shukor Mohamed Ali was born in 1865. As a child, he was brought up in the istana of Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Sharifuddin Mudzaffar Shah and grew up within royal circles. He was well loved by Almarhum Sultan Yusuf and was made Toh Raja Dibongsu Bentara Istana DiRaja in 1883. In 1899, he was made Jeragan during the time he was Secretary to Almarhum Sultan Idris I.

The title of Dato Setia Bijaya DiRaja (Comptroller of the Royal Household) which is currently known today as Orang Kaya Kaya Setia Bijaya DiRaja, was originally known as Seri Agar DiRaja, an abolished title last held by Dato Sagor. The OKK Setia Bijaya, whilst is a member of the Orang Besar Delapan, does not carry the territorial authority of the late Dato Sagor. Jeragan Abdul Shukor was the first man to be bestowed this title by Almarhum Sultan Idris I in 1899. He was amongst the keepers of the Perak Regalia, namely the Royal Aigrette, the Tanjak Diraja, the Keris Seri Gading and the Pontoh Ular Lidi.

Dato Setia Bijaya DiRaja Jeragan Abdul Shukor continued his meritorious service under a total of four Sultans – Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Sharifuddin Mudzaffar Shah, Almarhum Sultan Idris I, Almarhum Sultan Abdul Jalil and Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. He died in 1924 and was interred at the Al Ghufran Royal Mausoleum in Bukit Chandan. The post he held seemed to remain in the family for some time. His sons, Mohd Noordin Jeragan Abdul Shukor (1924-1939) and Mohd Hashim Jeragan Abdul Shukor, OBE (1939-1973), and subsequently his grandson, Dato Seri Abdul Wahab Mohd Noordin (1974-1989), also held the post of Dato Setia Bijaya DiRaja.

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22 thoughts on “Dato Setia Bijaya DiRaja Jeragan Abdul Shukor

  1. Assalamualikum,

    Yeop I must commend you on your good….no….excellent work. I used to read you page once in a while but now my ‘darah Perak dah mengelegak’ since my father’s demise.

    FYI my late father was the OBJ Kerian, Dato’ Shahbandar Mohd. Zulkifli and since his passing I’ve taken more interest in tracing my family tree. My mother is from Jerangan Abdul Shukor’s family line but I have yet to connect the dots.

    Anyway keep up your excellent work and may Allah redha your efforts in keeping the proud history of Perak in particular alive.


      • Sonsorry for the late late, late reply and yes I’m Etal’s brother and he told me bout your good work here and at Bank Negara (!). Hope one day we have a chance and have teh tarik or two sometime soon.

  2. Excellent work! So much detail about my family tree some of which I never knew. My late father was Dato Setia Abdul Wahab.

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  4. A’kum,

    Thank you for this page. Of late, I have been interested knowing more about my family tree. We will be having a Jeragan reunion very soon. We hope to rekindle family ties with all across Jeragan Shukor’s family. Just to let you know I am the grand daughter of the late Dato’ Seri Husin Mohd Noordin Jeragan Abdul Shukor.

    Is there any way that we could know more about Jeragan Shukor’s history?


    • I can add a little on d history of Jeragan Abdul Shukor. One of his many wives was Hjh Ba’ayah, a very beautiful lady frm Bukit Chandan, I was told. This wife bore him To’Setia Hashim, Abdul Salim (father of Hj Hanapiah & Che Oneh, ex wife of Panglima Kinta Che Tahwil, Toh Puan Ann, among others. Previously Hjh Ba’ayah was married 2 Ngah Jabor @ Muhammad Jabar of Kg Gajah, who founded Kampar with Eu Tong Sen. With Ngah Jabor, she had a son, Abdullah, who had 2 daughters by his 2 wives – aruah Wok Saniah (married 2 Abdul Aziz of Sg Terap, Batu Gajah) & Hjh Halinah (still alive, married 2 aruah Hj Termizi of Kg Dobi, Batu Gajah).

    • Waalaikumsalam, Farah & Ibrahim. Sorry for this very late reply. I’m also sorry that all we have pertaining to his history is in the above article, which in turn is translated from the Bahasa Malaysia post cited as reference [1] above. Perhaps the author in the original blog may provide additional assistance.

      This may be a right cop out, but googling found this:
      Remembering a royal aide – NST 12.9.2005 http://findarticles.com/p/news-articles/new-straits-times/mi_8016/is_20050912/remembering-royal-aide/ai_n44304567/

      This NST post described a short bio on Jeragan Shukor and mentioned the name of Mohd Hanafiah Abd Salim, one of the Jeragan’s descendants. I am unclear as to whether En. Mohd Hanafiah may shed more light on the history.

      Best wishes.


      -R Mahariz Muzaffar

      • Its not easy to trace the detail of Jeragans.early life. We tried to make a search on this but did not help much. Even his father’s (Mohd Ali) grave could not be traced till this very day. I understand that the present Tok Setia had tried to locate the grave from Bota Kiri right up to Sayong along the Perak River and the immediate surroundings have drawn blanks.l. No grave Any attempt to write with conviction and certainty on our great ancestor,Abd shukur b. Mohd Ali perticularly in respect of his childhood days could prove to be a trying task due to the dificulty in obtaining evidence. Even his father’s grave that bears testimony of his burial has never been located.His mother, Teh Miti, died somewhere in Bota Kiri and was buried near a mosque in sg Mati, Bota Kiri.This mosque was built under the sponsorship of Jeragan Abd Shukur.Jeragan was married six times but he did not mantain all the six at one time. He remarried after the death or the seperation of his current wives, in other words he mantained only four wives at any one time. His first and his sixthh wives did not bear any siblings.When Jeragan passed away he left 22 children and 15 grandchildren. I think Jeragan’s later life has been penned by so many of his descendant, and so its not advisable for me to write as what has been written.
        A bit of the gathering of the Jeragan’s ancestors in Ipoh in 2005……it was the first and a succesful event.About 700 of his direct descendant attended. Almost every one was happy and suprised that such event could be organised and met with good comments. As i was involved as one of the Committee members it was a real hardwork to gather facts,articles,pictures, figures etc and looking forward to a sucessful gatherings.It proved so.However an unexpected thing happened. The day after the gathering the last of Jeragan.s children died at the Ipoh Specialist Hospital. she was Toh Puan Ann Arbainia, the widow of the late Dato Panglima Kinta Dato Eusoff. By the time Abd Shukur died, he and his heirs has been given the hereditary title of Orang Kaya-Kaya Setia Bijaya Diraja as well as the unique title of “Jeragan” in recognition of his intelligent and loyal service by the Royal House of Perak.
        Nota: Saya dan beberapa keturunan Jeragan merancang menulis sebuah buku Coffee Table tentang otobiograf Jeragan Abd Shukur b. Mohd Ali. Perancangan awal telahpun dimulakan, dan Insyallah sekiranya impian kami menjadi kenyataan buku ini akan diedarkan khusus kepada keturunan Jeragan sahaja. Wassalam.
        Hj Mohd Hanafiah b. Abd Salim.

  5. Assalamualaikum. My mother, Patimah @ Khatijah Amin Shah, is the daughter of late Amin Shah bin Jeragan Abdul Shukor & Teh Doyah. I am leaving this comment on behalf of my mother as it would be nice to hear from all the Jeragan’s family again.

  6. Hello everyone..I am the grand daughter of the late Dato Setia Abdul Wahab Mohd Noordin, my mother is one of his beloved daughter…And Ibrahim Azhar is my uncle.. It is great to read such article about our family tree and I was there with my sisters during our family reunion last year. Thank for the article.

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  8. salam yeop!sempoi sgt2 lengkap..teman cucu kpd Allahyarham Mohd Tahir Bin Jeragan Abdul Shukor..ayah teman Che Su Bin Mohd Tahir..dia senyum lebor baca blog miker ni..anyways…TERBAEEKKK!!hehehe…

  9. My roots
    Hj Dr Mohamad Jamel Basha bin Hj Adlan bin Hj Abdul Rahman bin Jeragan Abdul Shukur,

  10. my great grandfather Harun bin Dato Setia Bijaya DiRaja Perak Mohd Noordin bin Almarhum Juragan Abdul Shukor Almarhum Mohammad Ali.

  11. My maternal grand mother Arbi was a daughter of the late Toh Muda Ibrahim bin Dato Setia Jeragan Abdul Shukor..

  12. Salam. Saya mencari kaum kerabat keluarga Amin Shah bin Jeragan Abdul Shukur. Bonda saya adalah adik beradik angkat dgn Amin Shah b. Jeragan Abdul Shukur. Berharap dapat bertemu dengan anak-anak Amin Shah.

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