Sir Edward Gent and Lady Gent’s visit to Istana Iskandariah, 1948


Sultan Abdul Aziz flanked by Sir Edward Gent and Lady Mary Gent at Istana Iskandariah, 1948. (Photo: Arkib Negara Malaysia)

Sir Edward James Gent, the Governor of the Malayan Union, and his wife, Lady Guendolen Gent, were no stranger to Perak and had made previous visits to the state. According to The Strait Times, they had visited the State Secretariat in Ipoh and later to Kuala Kangsar on 13 March 1948. The following day’s itinerary included the Perak Museum and the military cemetery in Taiping, before venturing further south for a visit to the Sultan Idris Teaching College at Tanjong Malim.

The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia about Sir Edward Gent: “… was the first appointed Governor General of the Malayan Union. He also became the first Colonial Administrator to discuss openly to form a better government for the future of Malaya, where later the Federation of Malaya was adopted. He was an instrumental figure in the formation of the Malayan Union which was established on 1 April 1946 in Kuala Lumpur, and the first Governor for the Malayan Union. He remained in office until his death. When Malaya achieved independence (Merdeka) from the British Government, his wife Lady Gent was invited as the guest of honor to the ceremony, together with Lady Gurney.”

1. Sir Edward Gent visits Perak. The Straits Times. 1948 March 14.
2. Wikipedia


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