Fighting dress of the Malays

The fighting jacket of the Malays usually has no sleeves. One kind is properly embroidered with pious words or sentences and is called (Kelambu Rasul Allah or The Prophet’s Bed-Curtain). It is supposed to protect the wearer from danger. Another kind is known as leher baju, because it is made of forty four remnants left in cutting out the necks of forty four ordinary jackets. These patches must be sewn together by seven maidens on seven consecutive Fridays, and the jacket thus made will be peliyas or invulnerable.

Maxwell, W. Notes and Queries 3. In W. E. Maxwell, Notes and Queries of the Malaysian Branch Royal Asiatic Society (reprint 15). Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Branch Royal of the Royal Asiatic Society; 1996. p66.


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