Legend of Kubang Aji

Kubang Aji is a deep pool in the Perak River near Belanja; it is famous for its fish. In the days when the sea covered a great portion of the tract through which the Perak River now runs, there lived a Sakai named Si Aji who adopted the manners and customs of the Malays. He went on a trading voyage on a ship of his own, and when he returned he anchored off Sadang (now a village many miles up the river, but then a sea-port). As he lay asleep in the cabin, he was awakened by some of his men, who said that his father and mother (Sakais) were asking to see Nahkoda Aji. The old people were already on board, bringing with them various dishes of such food as aboriginal tribes delight in – roast monkey and so on. The Nahkoda, seeing that he was put to shame before his Malay seamen, denied his parents, and ordered them on shore saying “Do you think that my mother is a Sakai?” As they went on shore, the woman called out to him, “Yes, you are my son” and her husband cursed him, saying, “If you are my son, may your ship be wrecked.” As this curse was pronounced, the woman turned away, and there came a waterspout, and the ship foundered. Two trees (pokok pauh) used to be pointed out at Sadang, one facing the place where the ship had been moored and the other turning away from it, which were supposed to be the metamorphosed Sakais.

Footnote: This legend is also retold as the popular Malay folk tale called ‘Si-Tenggang’.

Maxwell, W. Notes and Queries 3. In W. Maxwell, Notes and Queries of the Malaysian Branch Royal Asiatic Society (reprint 15). Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Branch Royal of the Royal Asiatic Society; 1997. pp62-63.


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