The title ‘Sang’

“Is the title ‘Sang’ of Sakei derivation? Lately there was a Sakei Chief in Ulu Kinta bearing this title, and the Chief of the Dipang Sakeis is called by the Malays ‘Toh Sang’. Ba’ is a common Ulu Kinta Sakei title.

“Ba’ Sa’Limpal, a Sakei Chief is said to have been a great friend of Ulu Kinta Chief, To’ Saraja, and to have several times assisted him in his wars.

“Sang, I venture to think is a word of Indian origin. The title is given by Malay historians to heroes and gods, e.e. Sang Sapurba, the first Malay King who I have endeavoured to show, is identical with Siva – Journ. R.A.S. XIII, N.S. 403.”

A Hale

Maxwell W.E. Notes and Queries 3 Issued with No. 16 of the Journal of the Society. Singapore: Government Printing Ofice; 1886.


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