The mantri (menteri) of Larut: Ngah Ibrahim bin Long Jaafar



The above appraisal by Wilkinson described how the post of the Orang-Orang Kaya Menteri Larut came about. The first OKK Menteri Larut was Ngah Ibrahim bin Long Jaafar, son of the man who first saw the potential wealth of Larut. Long Jaafar died in 1857 and Ngah Ibrahim applied to Almarhum Sultan Jaafar for recognition and was granted powers judged greater than Long Jaafar’s. This was approved on a deed bearing the seal of Almarhum Sultan Jaafar on 30 November 1857.

Ngah Ibrahim and his sons. (Source: Google Images)

In 1864, Ngah Ibrahim was granted the title OKK Menteri, receiving a further deed recognising him in control of land from the Kerian river down to Beruas. He was even seen as the ‘Raja of Larut’ by the British at that time. Wilkinson described that Ngah Ibrahim would correspond directly  with the British Governor and Lieutenant-Governor in Singapore and Penang, respectively. Ngah Ibrahim also built roads, maintained a police force and even owned two small warships. Interestingly, to the eyes of the neighbouring British territories in the Straits, Ngah Ibrahim was a ruler ‘independent’ of the Sultan.

Source: Wilkinson, R.J. Papers on Malay Subjects: History (Part II) Notes on Perak History. Kuala Lumpur: FMS Government Press; 1908. pp 89-90.


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