A message from Andrew Hwang of the Malayan Volunteers Group

“I am a member of the Malayan Volunteers Group or MVG. We are the former volunteer servicemen who served in Malaya in WW2 and during the 1st Emergency or their immediate family members or descendants. We are a British-based organisation and I am its sole Malaysian member at present. My grand-uncles gave their lives to defend Malaya in WW2.

“The MVG is not only focused on the Federated Malay States Volunteer Force (FMSVF) but also includes the Straits Settlement Volunteer Force (SSVF) which fought to the bitter end in Singapore, the Malayan Volunteer Air Force, Unfederated Malay States Volunteer Force, Johor State Volunteers, and other units.

“If you want something from Taiping, this is an article by Dato Sri Yuen Yuet Leng entitled Our Glorious Dead is on the King Edward VII School alumni’s involvement in the FMSVF in WW2.”

To any readers interested in the Malayan Volunteers Group, they have a website that you can visit, which contains a vast array of material concerning the Volunteers.


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