3rd Sultan of Perak: Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin ibni Almarhum Sultan Mansur Shah (1577-1584)

Upon the death of Sultan Mansur Shah I, the Perak chiefs went to Acheh to seek audience with the Sultan of Acheh, Sultan Alauddin Mansur Shah (the son of Sultan Mansur Shah I). According to Marwati Djoened Poesponegoro and Nugroho Notosusanto in their book titled “Sejarah Nasional Indonesia: Jaman pertumbuhan dan perkembangan kerajaan”, Sultan Alauddin was the son-in-law of the Sultan Ali Ria’yat Shah, the fourth Sultan of Acheh, that ruled between 1568 and 1575. Sultan Alauddin succeeded to the throne upon the death of his father-in-law.

Back to Perak’s story, Sultan Alauddin had then appointed his brother, Raja Ahmad, to be the 3rd Sultan of Perak . Raja Ahmad was styled Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Shah. Initially, he had his capital in Jalong, a small district in Sungai Siput, but the place was frequently hit by flood. He then resided at Geronggong  at Mukim Pulau Tiga, Kampung Gajah. He reigned over Perak for about seven years before his demise in 1584. He was known posthumously as Marhum Muda.


Makam Almarhum Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Shah. (Photo: Laman Rasmi Pejabat DYMM Sultan Perak)


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